New World Azoth Guide: How to farm and use Azoth in New World?

Azoth is a fundamental resource that players will want to collect during their adventures in New World. It’s used for some crucial activities like fast travel and weapon mastery. 

For those who don’t know, players can do the following activities to get more Azoth in New World: 

  • Drops from enemies after reaching Level 20
  • Using mining tools that have the Azoth Extraction Perk
  • Completing the main quests 

What’s best, the need for this item grows as the game progresses, meaning that using these methods will come in handy during the endgame. This guide will go through how to farm Azoth quickly and every item you can use to farm Azoth in New World. 

How to get more Azoth quickly in New World?

As players continue their journey on the mysterious island of Aeternum, they’ll discover plenty of ways to get the item in New World. These alternatives also cater to different play styles, so others won’t get bored trying to collect the item.  

The fastest way to farm Azoth in New World is by completing missions in the main storyline. The first quest that rewards adventurers with Azoth is Commitment to the Cause. Players can clear this mission within the first two hours of playing the game. After that, players will be rewarded consistently with the resource as they continue the main storyline. 

But players can collect Azoth while venturing by hunting down some monsters or chopping down trees too. Those that choose this route will get plenty of the resource, while completing other tasks in New World. 

How to get the Azoth Extraction Perk in New World?

To get the Azoth Extraction perk in New World, players need to use a drop of Azoth Oil while crafting a Gathering Tool in New World. The chances of getting the ability aren’t 100%, meaning players may have to make a tool multiple times. 

New World Gamers can apply the Azoth Extraction perk to gain the ability to get Azoth from doing certain activities in New World. For instance, if users chop down a tree using the Azoth Extraction Axe, they’ll have a 30 percent chance to get 1 Azoth. Depending on the gear score of the tool, the drop chances can increase up to 48 percent. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a guaranteed technique to acquire a tool with the Azoth Extraction Perk. But this method is perfect for those looking to grind Azoth passively without getting involved in combat. 

What is Azoth Cap in New World? 

New World Azoth Guide: How to farm and use Azoth in New World?
Azoth Cap in New World

While farming for Azoth, many will notice the number 1000 written next to the amount of resource you’ve collected. It’s the maximum amount of Azoth a character can hold in New World, known as the Azoth Cap. 

Sadly, there isn’t any solution to increase the Azoth Cap yet. It means that players can’t pile up the resource and use it whenever they feel like it. Therefore, make sure to spend some Azoth before you can’t store any more while completing missions. 

How to use Azoth in New World?

The blue fluid isn’t necessary to start your journey in New World. But, it’s a handy resource to make missions and travel a lot easier. Here are some ways players can use Azoth to help survive in Aeternum. 

I. How to enhance gear with Azoth in New World? 

New World Azoth Guide: How to farm and use Azoth in New World?
Enhance Gear with Azoth

While crafting armor and weapons, players can add some Azoth into the crafting recipe. It’ll increase the chances of getting better stats, more perks, and gems slots on the equipment. Higher-tier materials and recipes will require more Azoth to get the most effective buffs. 

II. How to use Azoth to reset Weapon Talents?

Those unhappy with their current weapon setup can use Azoth to reset their weapon talents. To do this, open the Weapon Mastery Tab and choose the gear you want to reset. A window will pop up, asking you to reset the weapon and how much it’ll cost.

It allows players to get new buffs and choose a different mastery tree for their weapons. In other words, users can change their playstyle that suits their needs better. 

Players can also use Azoth to travel quickly in New World. However, the further away from the destination you are, the more it’ll cost, so use it to your best judgment. Also, if used inefficiently, it’ll drain the Azoth in your inventory quickly. 

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