Valorant Stuck in an infinite loading screen Fixed! 

Valorant is arguably one of the best FPS games ever made and is widely popular amongst the community. With its unique gameplay and graphics, it quickly gained traction.  

While the fruits of patience are sweet, it can be irritating when you have to wait several minutes for your favorite game to load. Recently Valorant has been plagued with an infinite loading screen due to which players cannot play the game. 

Valorant Stuck in an infinite loading=
Gameplay image from Valorant 

If you are encountering an infinite loading screen in Valorant, don’t worry. Here are some solutions I recommend before you try anything complex. 

Restart your pc and run the game as an administrator. These are relatively simple steps and can solve many system errors. If this fails to solve your issue, kindly follow the fixes below. 

Fix 1: Delete Manifest Files 

Manifest files are used by applications to load correctly and set things up as they contain information/instructions regarding resources and how to load those resources. Some Reddit users have highlighted that deleting these Manifest files could fix the error.  

The following steps will help you in deleting the files quickly and safely: 

  1. Navigate to Valorant’s install directory (the folder in which the game is installed.) 
  2. Open the folder named Live.  
  3. Once inside the folder, you will see two files, Manifest_Debugfiles_Win64 and Manisfest_NonUFSFiles_Win6.4 Select both files and delete them. 
Valorant Stuck in an infinite loading=
Manifest files
  1. Launch Valorant and check if the issue is fixed. 

Fix 2: Reinstall Vanguard 

Anti-cheat softwares are infamous for breaking games when their files get corrupt. This might be what is happening with your game. If your Vanguard files have gone corrupt, you can try reinstalling Vanguard. Some users have reported that they could fix the infinite loading of the game this way.  

To reinstall Vanguard safely without altering the main game files, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Riot Vanguard folder, which you can find inside Program files (not x86) 
  2. Click and run Unistall.exe 
  3. Once the process is complete, restart your PC 


  1. Open Add or Remove programs. 
Valorant Stuck in an infinite loading=
Search for Add or Remove programs
  1. Scroll down the list and search for Riot Vanguard. Click on Riot Vanguard and then click uninstall
Valorant Stuck in an infinite loading=
Riot Vanguard
  1. When prompted, click yes to allow the app to make changes to the device
Valorant Stuck in an infinite loading=
UAC prompt 

Now you can reinstall Riot Vanguard (by launching Valorant) and check if the issue persists. 

Fix 3: Check your Network Connection 

Network Connection has a significant impact on multiplayer games. Sometimes a bad internet connection can stop you from loading into Valorant. A bad internet connection can lead to a terrible experience for you and other players in the lobby. Thus, the servers refuse to load. 

Rebooting your network or using a LAN connection (if possible) can fix the infinite loading screen.  

Fix 4: Put Valorant in Windows Firewall Exception List 

Windows Firewall can sometimes cause an issue with Valorant’s config files which can, in turn, cause some errors in the game. 

According to Riot’s support system, putting Valorant in the exceptions list can solve abnormal crashes and loading times: 

  1. Open Windows 10/11 search bar and search for the firewall. Select Windows Defender Firewall from the results. 
Valorant Stuck in an infinite loading=
Search for Windows firewall 
  1. On the left side of the menu bar, select Allow an App or Feature through Windows Defender Firewall. 
Valorant Stuck in an infinite loading=
Windows firewall 
  1. A new window will open. Add Valorant.exe, RiotClientServices.exe, and vgc.exe to the list. 
Valorant Stuck in an infinite loading=
Allow Valorant through Windows Firewall

If adding the game to the exception list did not work, you can try disabling Windows Firewall and your Antivirus program to see if it works. If the issue persists, try other fixes. 

Fix 5: Reinstall Valorant 

If none of the above solutions works, your game files may need to be fixed. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult to isolate and pinpoint the files; thus, no easy solution exists. 

Reinstalling the game might help you fix the issue, as all the files installed will be fresh. To do so, you must uninstall the current game and download a new copy from the official site. 

If you still face an infinite loading screen issue after following all the solutions in the guide, you should consider contacting Valorant’s support. The support team can review your crash/logs files and provide a more tailored solution to your problem. 

6. About Valorant

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical shooter developed and published by Riot Games. The game has a competitive player base and currently runs on Unreal Engine 4.

The game is set on a near-future Earth and features a cast of characters known as Agents, each of which have their own unique set of abilities to create tactical opportunities. Ten players are divided into two teams, Attackers and Defenders, with the goal of winning the most rounds. Players have access to a number of in-game weapons, shields and abilities which they can purchase before the start of every game.

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