What are Fishing Hotspots in New World and Where to Find Them?

Want to get the best possible output from fishing in New World? Fishing Hotspots are exactly where you want to be! These places improve your chances of catching just the fish you were looking for, from uncommon to legendary.

New World packs a massive total of 80 Fishing Hotspots, out of which 27 are Broad, 25 are Rare, and 28 are Secret. By offering faster “bite” speed, Fishing Hotspots have the edge over the rest of the water bodies they are found in. The only catch is that just like a Mining node, Hotspots, too, can be depleted, and you’ll have to wait for them to respawn.

It doesn’t matter if you have to undertake fishing for a quest or it’s just something you enjoy; fishing cannot be ignored. Therefore, I have compiled a region-wise list of every Fishing Hotspot in New World, so you don’t have to wander in the vast wilderness of Aeternum. 

What are Fishing Hotspots in New World & Where to Find Them?
Fishing in New World

Fishing Hotspots in Windsward

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map Near town, by Fishing quest start NPCBroad2
NWDB MapEast, by Breakwater BulwarkBroad2
NWDB MapEast, on Stoneview SeabreakRare7
NWDB Mapby Hermit (Fisherman’s Bend)Secret12

Fishing Hotspots in First Light

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map in Hatchburg FisheryBroad3
NWDB Mapin ForellacBroad4
NWDB MapSoutheast of townBroad4
NWDB MapNorth East of Nyhart’s AnchorageBroad7
NWDB MapMillberry Hills, by Clearwater BendBroad9
NWDB Mapin SaircorBroad12

Fishing Hotspots in Everfall

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map by CanisBroad16Doesn’t show icon on map when unlocked (bug)
NWDB MapIn Meadow Lake FisheryBroad16
NWDB MapEast of Everfall Rare20
NWDB MapNorth of TownRare30

Fishing Hotspots in Cutlass Keys

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map South of FortBroad20
NWDB MapWest of town, by Snaggletooth BurrowBroad25
NWDB Mapin Salty Snail FisherySecret27
NWDB Map by Clearmon’s DoubtRare45
NWDB Mapby Lightning FieldsRare56
NWDB Mapby MalocchioSecret62

Fishing Hotspots in Weaver’s Fen

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map West of Fort, top of waterfallBroad25
NWDB MapWest of KarburgBroad27
NWDB MapFar East, in The Mud BarBroad30
NWDB Mapby Wretched ShallowsRare60
NWDB Mapby South Vega BridgeRare60
NWDB Mapby EG borderRare62
NWDB MapWest of Fort, middle of waterfallSecret70
NWDB Mapby Hazel’s CaveSecret88

Fishing Hotspots in Monarch’s Bluffs

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map West of TownBroad34
NWDB MapIn Lakeside FarmBroad37
NWDB MapSouth of Fort, by Master Fisher WarwickRare67
NWDB MapSouthwest of WatchtowerRare67
NWDB MapFar Southwest cornerSecret99
NWDB MapIn AliothSecret110

Fishing Hotspots in Brightwood

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map by Brightwood IsleBroad37
NWDB MapNortheast of Azoth TreeBroad41
NWDB Mapby ER borderRare70
NWDB MapN Greyvale, by borderSecret117

Fishing Hotspots in Restless Shore

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map Between Fort and Rabbit IslandBroad41
NWDB MapWest of town Broad45
NWDB MapNorth of Eridanus, by Treetop Terror/The DepthsRare74
NWDB MapWest of EridanusRare74
NWDB MapWest of BoarsholmRare78
NWDB Mapin island chainSecret117
NWDB Mapnortheast of Fort DamnationSecret128
NWDB MapWest of townSecret134

Fishing Hotspots in Mourningdale

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map South of Padre NunezBroad52
NWDB MapEast of FortRare83
NWDB Mapin New BalefireRare83
NWDB MapFlooded PlainsRare88
NWDB MapSouth of Scorpius, by Broken PromiseSecret141
NWDB Mapby CragviewSecret141

Fishing Hotspots in Great Cleave

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB MapSE of EastburnBroad52
NWDB Mapin Glass LakeSecret153

Fishing Hotspots in Edengrove

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map N of Valor HoldBroad56
NWDB MapE of MalevolenceRare95
NWDB MapN of BlisterootSecret158
NWDB MapFar East, by MD bordeSecret158

Fishing Hotspots in Ebonscale Reach

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map W of Stormcourt FieldsBroad59
NWDB Mapin the swamp by MB border (Crimson Shallows)Broad70
NWDB MapNE corner of the lakeRare114Not on a compass – may be slightly bugged
NWDB MapS of Bridge to Dynasty PalaceRare117
NWDB MapSE Corner by EF FortRare141
NWDB MapN of Bridge to Dynasty PalaceSecret193
NWDB MapSW of Dynasty Fire ShrineSecret197
NWDB MapN Moss Mire, by Dynasty Water ShrineSecret200
NWDB MapS Palewind TerraceSecret200
NWDB MapE of FortSecret200

Fishing Hotspots in Reekwater

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map S of Sharptooth PassBroad59
NWDB MapSE Tricorne ShoalRare99
NWDB MapW of Syleio SekoRare103
NWDB MapSiren’s StandRare110
NWDB MapSE corner, E of Syleio SekoSecret172
NWDB MapSW CornerSecret179
NWDB MapMiddle of coastlineSecret185
NWDB MapSE of town, just N of Scavenger’s ShoreSecret185
NWDB MapIn Siren’s Stand, near Syleio SekoSecret190
NWDB MapS of Siren’s Stand, by map edgeSecret193

Fishing Hotspots in Shattered Mountain

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB Map NE of Mountainrise, by Master Fisher BernardRare95
NWDB MapN of Ambusti MinesSecret165

Understanding What Fishing Hotspots Are

What are Fishing Hotspots in New World & Where to Find Them?
Fishing Hotspots in New World

One must know that there are three types of Fishing Hotspots spread across the Island of Aeternum: Broad (one-star), Rare (two-star), and Secret (three-star). 

As your fishing trade skill levels up, different types of hotspots will become discoverable. Here’s all you need to know about them:

Broad HotspotsRare HotspotsSecret Hotspots
Fish Count: 30Fish Count: 20Fish Count: 10
Respawn: 20-30 minutesRespawn: 30-45 minutesRespawn: 45-90 minutes
Common Fish: 45% ChanceCommon Fish: No ChanceCommon Fish: No Chance
Uncommon Fish: 40% ChanceUncommon Fish: 65% ChanceUncommon Fish: 70% Chance
Rare Fish: 10% ChanceRare Fish: 30% ChanceRare Fish: 20% Chance
Legendary Fish: < 5% ChanceLegendary Fish:
5% Chance
Legendary Fish: 10% Chance
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