A Complete Guide on the Weakness of the Ego Quest in New World

New World has players immersed in completing various main storyline quests in-game. However, these missions will gradually rise in difficulty, and you’re bound to struggle if your character isn’t at a high level.

For instance, the quest ‘Weakness of the Ego’ has been frustrating for players to complete and move ahead with the story. But, after some grinding and help from this guide, you can get through this mission within no time in New World.

The character needs to deliver 3x Common Corruption Tincture to Adiana Theron in Daughterwell to complete the ‘Weakness of the Ego’ quest in New World. This material can be crafted with 3x Water, 3x Petal Cap, and 3x Rivercress Stems at the Arcane Repository.

Keep reading to find out how you can gather these resources to continue your journey in exploring Aeternum. 

1. Requirements to complete the ‘Weakness of the Ego’ Quest in New World

Before beginning the quest, gamers need to ensure they have a Flint Sickle in the inventory. The character can only gather the resources like Petal Cap and Rivercress Stem from the harvesting tool.

Moreover, they need to level up their harvesting skill to Level 30 to get the ability to harvest Rivercress in New World. 

Here’s how you can fulfill all of these requirements:

How to craft a Flint Sickle in New World?

Players need to have 1x Flint and 1x Green Wood to craft a flint sickle at any Workshop in New World. 

Those looking for flint can find them near the Watchtower near the starting area. You need to keep an eye out for round stones around the sand. Once you find one, interact with them to get some flint in the inventory. 

On the other hand, collect Green Wood by harvesting bushes in grassy areas of Aeternum. Another way is to chop down some trees, which takes longer but gives out more Green Wood.

How to level up Harvesting in New World?

The character needs to harvest different plants to level up Harvesting in New World. They can do so by cutting down some trees and gathering plants using a sickle in-game. 

Beginners can roam outside wooden areas harvesting anything they can find until they reach their desired level in New World. After acquiring level 30 Harvesting, you’re ready to begin the mission and collect the required resources to complete it. 

2. Where to find Petal Caps in New World?

A Complete Guide on the Weakness of the Ego Quest in New World
Petalcaps Location in New World

Players can look around the grasslands and wooded areas on the island to find Petal Caps in New World. For example, the area around Windsward Town is a fantastic place for beginners to find the resource. 

Petal Caps have lotus-shaped green leaves with a thick stalk growing from the center. Also, players need a flint sickle or better to harvest the Petal Caps, although Level 1 characters can gather the item. 

Additionally, the character can use Petal Caps to craft different potions, but make sure to grab at least three for the ‘Weakness of the Ego’ quest. Also, remember that the resource can get a little tricky to find in starting areas at lobbies with many players. 

3. Where to find Rivercress Stems in New World?

A Complete Guide on the Weakness of the Ego Quest in New World
Rivercress Stems in New World

Those looking for Rivercress can find the plant near the edge of rivers and waterfalls. Beginners should search near the bank of water bodies at Windsward and Everfall to find the magical plant in New World. 

Many can spot the Rivercress plant from afar, as they have a pale yet bright color with a floating, bubble-like body. However, it’s necessary to have Level 30 harvesting skills and a sickle for a character to acquire the plant.

After harvesting the plant, players receive Rivercress leaves, flowers, water motes, and stems. Gamers need a bunch of Rivercress Stems to complete the ‘Weakness of the Ego’ quest in New World. 

4. How to collect Water in New World?

To collect Water in New World, players can go to the well in any village and interact with it by pressing the ‘E’ key. You can do the same at any freshwater source like rivers and lakes. 

Water is the most effortless resource to find in this guide, as players can find wells in any settlement. It’s still a key ingredient in many recipes, including the Common Corruption Tincture in New World.  

5. How to craft the Common Corruption Tincture in New World?

After collecting three Water, Petal Caps, and Rivercress Stems, players can craft the Common Corruption Tincture in New World. The character needs to interact with the Arcane Repository and search the menu to make the item. 

After crafting the resource, players can go back to Daughterwell to talk to Adiana Theron. Handing her the Tinctures will complete the mission, and the game will reward you with a Level 18 Weapon Case. 

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6. About New World

New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Amazon Games set to be released on August 31, 2021. The game was previously scheduled to release in May 2020 but was delayed to its current date.

Set in the mid-1600s, players colonize a fictional land known as Aeternum Island, modeled after North and South Americas in the Atlantic Ocean. The game will be using a buy-to-play business model, meaning there will be no monthly subscription fee.

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