Looking for My Brother Quest Walkthrough – Stellar Blade Mission Guide

Looking for My Brother is a side quest in the action-adventure videogame, Stellar Blade. This quest can be initiated in the Xion city’s Bulletin Board, but majorly takes place in Wasteland. This fascinating mission tasks players to locate Melina’s lost brother, Aaron, who went missing somewhere in the Wasteland.

This quest can be started by visiting the Bulletin board in the Xion city, which is located just north of the city’s entrance. You must go to the Bulletin Board and accept the post left by Melina to start with your investigation.

1. How to complete Looking for my Brother quest in Stellar Blade?

To complete the Looking for my Brother side quest:

  1. Travel to Wasteland.
  2. Fast Travel to the Junkyard in Wasteland.
  3. Make your way towards the North along the narrow path.
  4. Jump over the wooden box barricades.
  5. Operate the hatch by pressing the red button on the giant machine.
  6. Shoot down the three Archery targets using the Drone’s Gun. This will open the hatch.
  7. Jump down the hatch and find Aaron’s dead body inside.

2. Locating Aaron, Melina’s Brother in Stellar Blade

Aaron is located slightly north of the Junkyard in Wasteland. Junkyard can be found a little to the southeast of the center on the Wasteland map.

Travel to Wasteland

You can use the Supply Camp’s phone to fast travel quickly to Junkyard.

Junkyard Location on the Map

Once you spawn at the location. Run towards the north direction along the narrow path.

Run along the Narrow Path

Keep following this path until a small group of enemies appear from the ground. Defeat them and make your way ahead by jumping over the barricade made of small wooden boxes.

Jump over the Wooden Boxes

3. Operating the Hatch to Find Aaron

Once you get over the barricade, you will find a large cylindrical machine with a red glowing button on it, next to a metallic hatch.

Operate the hatch by pressing R2 on the red glowing button. This action will release three drone archery targets from the hatch.

Press R2 to Operate the Machine

Shoot down all three targets using the gun to open the hatch completely.

Shoot Down the Targets

The hatch will reveal Aaron’s dead body inside. Jump down and interact with it to unlock a memory. It will also provide you with a passcode to Aaron’s Locker in Xion.

Find Aaron inside the Hatch

With this, Looking for my Brother side quest will be marked completed and you will receive 3500 Gold and 2 Vitcoins as reward.

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4. About Stellar Blade

The action- adventure video game Stellar Blade was created by Shift Up and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. On April 26, 2024, it was launched for the PlayStation 5.

Played in third person, Stellar Blade takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Combat is all about anticipating your opponent’s attacks and timing your counterattacks perfectly.


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