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How strong is Shanks and his crew according to One Piece Film: RED?

One Piece Film: RED may just be the most ground-breaking One Piece movie of all time. Even though the movie is said to be non-canon to the main series timeline, it gives us impressive new details of many characters that we barely knew anything about.

The group most elaborated on is the Red Haired Pirates. Fans of the series have been dying to know more about the mysterious Yonko group ever since they were introduced at the beginning of the series.

Well, for those who yearned for more than just their short appearances and cameos spread throughout the series, we have finally got a substantial amount of information about the strength and abilities of Shanks and his crew in the One Piece Film: RED.

How strong are the Red Haired Pirates after Film: RED?

In the series, we never really got to see the full extent of the Red-Haired Pirates’ power in battle. However, One Piece Film: RED gives us many epic fight scenes interwoven into the brilliant plot, properly demonstrating the combat prowess of Shanks and his crew.

1. Shanks

In the movie, we learn that Shanks’ bounty was a little more than 1 billion berries at the beginning of the series. He is known as “The Killer of Color of Observation Haki”. He has the ability to control one’s breath and stop opponents from glancing through the future using advanced Observation Haki (like Katakuri).

How strong is Shanks & his crew according to One Piece Film: RED?
Shanks | Source: IMDb

While Admiral Kizaru mercilessly attacks the manipulated citizens, Shanks endures the beating he receives and avoids attacking them. Kizaru even states, “it’s sarcastic that pirates protect citizens and Marines kill them”.

Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki is strong enough to make Admirals like Kizaru sweat, and even Fujitora decides to retreat to avoid a war with the Yonko. In the film, Shanks is also seen using his burning sword to fight villains.

2. Benn Beckman

Like most of the members of the Red-Haired Pirates, first mate Benn Backman has his moments to shine in the movie.

How strong is Shanks & his crew according to One Piece Film: RED?
Benn Beckman | Source: Fandom

Similar to their interaction at the end of the Marineford war, Beckman stops Kizaru from harming the people in the “Island of Music” Elegia.

Beckman is capable of using Haki, as seen when he grabbed the gunshots fired by the Navy. He can even apply Haki to his rifle to shoot bullets coated with Armament Haki.

3. Yasopp

Yasopp is the crew’s sniper, who is said to never miss his mark. He has advanced Observation Haki, which is far stronger than even Katakuri.

How strong is Shanks & his crew according to One Piece Film: RED?
Yasopp | Source: Fandom

While Katakuri can only have small glimpses into the future, Yasopp can look into the future for longer periods.

4. Lucky Roux

Although he is not seen in action for too long in the film, Lucky Roux is able to attack using his body like a bowling ball.

How strong is Shanks & his crew according to One Piece Film: RED?
Lucky Roux | Source: Fandom

This unique battle style is quite fitting, given Lucky Roux’s bulky build and wild attitude.

5. Bonk Punch and Monster

Bonk Punch and Monster are the musicians of the Red Haired Pirates, but their battle capabilities are just what you would expect from a Yonko crew.

While Monster is good at beating up weaker foes, Bonk can wind up and deliver a really strong punch to powerful enemies in one breath.

6. Others

The other members of the Red Haired Pirates also get screen time to display their never before seen skills in battle.

Lime Juice fights with an electric stick in the air. Howling Gab uses a cutting howl to rip anything apart.

Building Snake, the navigator, fights using acrobatic juggling two-sword style and stomping techniques.

Hongo, the crew’s doctor, knows how to quickly break apart weapons. Rockstar attacks using a smashing-up sword-style technique.

The Red Haired Pirates are the only Yonko crew in the series so far to not have any Devil Fruit users among their ranks. All of them purely rely on Haki or personalized fighting techniques.

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