How Strong is Ezra Bridger?

Also known as the Star Wars Aladdin, mainly for his colorful Disney-esque street rat imagery in Rebels, Ezra Bridger is definitely one of the strongest Force users.

Why? Well, for starters, he was using the Force subconsciously long before his official Jedi training began with the former Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus.

Soon after, he becomes one of the most essential foot soldiers of the early Rebel movement against the Empire.

In between, Ezra wins hearts with his exceptional emotional intelligence and the strength he derived from emotions instead of falling weak.

It is what helps him resist the pull of the dark side and even open the door between worlds – a feat that no other Jedi could master. No doubt, had Ezra been born when the Jedis were still in power; he would have been one of the highest-ranking Knights.

But unfortunately, he was born after the Great Jedi Purge and was trained by a Master who could never complete his own Jedi education.

He was also no Chosen One who would balance the light and dark sides of the Force. Neither was he the Last Hope of the Galaxy. So exactly how strong is Ezra Bridger?

Here is a summary of Ezra’s strength compared to the Skywalkers – Anakin and Luke – and his master Kanan Jarrus. I would also like to include the fan theory of how and why Ezra could be the strongest Jedi!

1. Ezra vs. Anakin – Who is Stronger?

Starting with the Chosen One, Anakin. So Ezra maybe a powerful Force wielder but just not as powerful as Anakin. After all, Anakin’s not the Chosen One without reason!

When it comes to a young Anakin, say from Episode II: Attack of the Clones, he has a lot more in common with Ezra than just Force-sensitivity.

For instance, their Force capabilities were discovered at a later stage compared to the Jedi standards. They were both discovered by rebel Jedi boys.

How Strong is Ezra Bridger?
Ezra Bridger | Source: Fandom

Anakin’s discoverer Qui-Gon Jinn was known for going against the Jedi Council now and then. While Ezra’s master, Kanan never completed his Jedi training.

Ezra and Anakin also share the knack for breaking the rules and going against their masters, even in the scariest situations. That’s how Anakin lost his right arm, and Ezra almost met with his death.

According to the traditional way to record a Jedi’s Force power – the Midichlorian count – Ezra has unbelievably low scores.

However, his power can be estimated by the fact that the Sith Lord Palpatine was interested in recruiting him. Considering Sheev’s previous interests include Anakin, Ezra cannot be underestimated.

This brings us to the final point of comparison – their struggles with the dark side of the Force. Both Ezra and Anakin shared strong emotions, which they struggled to control on more than one occasion.

But where Anakin’s attachment to Padme pushed him to the dark side, Ezra manages to swing back from the dark side due to his strong bond with Kanan.

Despite the similarities, this one difference in how things turned out with the dark side seems to give Ezra an upper hand. However, it may be noted that Anakin also managed to quit the dark side, albeit a few decades too late. His relationship with his son, Luke, revived him.

Coming to their skills with the lightsaber. If Anakin and Ezra were to fight a duel, chances are the Chosen One will outshine the Rebel Padawan given his superior lightsaber skills and advanced training.

The special bond between Kanan and Ezra may have saved the apprentice from turning to the dark side.

But the fact remains that Obi-Wan was a far more season master even if he wasn’t as close to Anakin. Add to that Anakin’s immense potential, and Ezra would have a steep uphill climb to victory.

How Strong is Ezra Bridger?
Anakin Skywalker | Source: Fandom

In conclusion, I would like to clarify that we are not comparing Ezra and Darth Vader, the form Anakin took after giving himself up to the dark side.

Vader’s half-robot body makes for a rather unfair comparison to a rookie like Ezra.

As one of the scariest Sith apprentices ever, Vader established his dominance in almost every encounter with Ezra. (However, Ezra indirectly defeats Vader by traveling through the world between worlds and saving Ahsoka from being killed by the Sith Lord.)

2. Ezra vs. Luke – Who is Stronger?

Coming to Luke Skywalker, Ezra seems to be more powerful than Luke in more ways than one. If locked in a duel, Ezra has a much better chance of coming out the winner than Luke.

Luke would make for a much fairer competition, given Luke and Ezra are about the same age. We know that Ezra was born on Empire Day, while Padme gave birth to Luke and Leia just a couple of days later.

How Strong is Ezra Bridger?
Luke Skywalker | Source: Fandom

But since Rebels starts at least five years before A New Hope, Ezra was displaying Force skills at 14, which Luke does not learn till he is 19. Ezra was able to use telekinesis on things like holocrons, complete giant Force-assisted leaps in the air, and even Force push an Imperial out of the way.

On the other hand, we have Luke, who is the son of Darth Vader, aka Anakin Skywalker. Luke was likely the new hope not because he was exceptionally skilled but because he could turn Vader away from the dark side. Luke’s only skill at this point was bulls-eyeing womp rats in the Beggar’s Canyon.

Fans have even questioned as to why Ezra could not have been the Galaxy’s new hope. Especially since he was born around the same time, had superior Force capabilities compared to Luke, and had risen high up in the Rebels order.

If not the new hope, then at least he could have played any role in Yoda’s team, or are we to believe that the grandmaster could never feel Ezra’s presence in the Force? Seems unlikely.

Meanwhile, if locked in a duel, Ezra will have a definite upper hand. That is, until we talk about Luke from Episode IV where his Force skills multiply exponentially under Yoda and he defeats Vader.

However, some believe that Luke only won over Vader because he was his son and it was an emotional upper hand instead of one based on skills. So chances are Ezra can still knock out Luke fair and square.

Luke may be stronger considering his father being the Chosen One, but Ezra will always be better with experience and more robust training in using that Force.

3. Ezra vs. Kanan – Who is Stronger?

While Kanan was still alive, he was still the stronger one. But with Ezra’s ever-expanding capabilities, he could have soon surpassed his master.

Kanan is a lucky master; his student is very likely to surpass him and soon. Ezra’s rising Force capabilities by the end of Rebels season 4 was quite astonishing for both fans and his master Kanan Jarrus.

How Strong is Ezra Bridger?
Kanan Jarrus | Source: Starwars

Time and again, Ezra has proven himself to be stronger than his master. Ezra has frequently questioned Kanan’s authority and even gone against his decisions many times.

However, this master-apprentice share a special bond. Ezra often feels suffocated by Kanan’s protectiveness and believes his master does not trust him enough.

This feeling becomes one of the reasons for his temptation to give in to the dark side. However, their bond proves strong enough to bring back Ezra from under the Sith Lord’s aegis.

In a duel, Kanan will bring his long experience and first-hand training with the Jedi masters to the table. At the same time, Ezra will bring his multi-purpose lightsaber with a stun gun and a load of raw Force.

Ezra has at least on one occasion defeated Kanan in a one-on-one duel (when the green spirits possess Kanan and to scare them away, Ezra has to fight Kanan).

However, before we could witness a proper duel, Kanan sacrificed his life for his family and is no more. Ezra’s unique ability to travel to the world between worlds could not bring back his master from the dead.

4. Is Ezra The Most Powerful Jedi?

Talking about his ability to go to the world between worlds. There is a crazy fan theory that hypothesizes that Ezra Bridger was the most powerful Jedi ever!

According to this theory, some unique characteristics set Ezra apart from any other Jedi ever.

How Strong is Ezra Bridger?
Jedi General | Source: Fandom

Firstly, Ezra was never motivated to use the Force for selfish gain. Even when Kanan discovered him, he did not plan to learn to use the Force to defeat the Empire and avenge his parents.

That does not happen until much later when the Ghost crew joins the Rebel Alliance. Until then, Ezra is solely motivated by improving himself and his character.

He learns to make friends and trust other people. He learns to work as a team and make sacrifices for each other. He learns to use his powers to protects those in need. The idea of revenging his parents is not involved with his Jedi training.

Secondly, despite having numerous opportunities to turn to the dark side, including personal invitations from Darth Maul and Sheev Palpatine himself, Ezra manages to return to the path of the light.

Simultaneously, he does not attempt to control his vulnerable emotions but derives strength from them.

Ezra realizes that by joining the Sith, he will only add to the forces that killed his family and were now trying to kill his new ‘Ghost’ family. His bond with Kanan and his friends is what brings him back from the dark side in time.

Finally, by gaining access to the World Between Worlds, Ezra achieves a feat we don’t see any other Jedi does.

This is precisely the kind of power Palpatine wished to access when he tried to lure Ezra. By going back in the past and changing the course of history, Palpatine could wreak unbelievable havoc.

Ezra's pull to the dark side
Ezra’s Pull to The Dark Side

But Ezra uses his powers to save a life instead. He reaches out to Ahsoka as she is in the middle of a duel with Darth Vader and saves her just as he was about to strike the killer blow. This miraculous act not only saves Ahsoka’s life but also saves Anakin from killing his beloved apprentice.

So what do you think? Is Ezra Bridger the greatest Jedi of all time? Is he more powerful than Luke or Kanan or Anakin? Comment below and let us know.

5. About Star Wars: Rebels

Set between Episodes III and IV, the Star Wars: Rebels follows the spaceship crew Ghost, which completes smuggling missions and has a growing connection to the fledgling rebellion against the Empire.

Ezra Bridger (voiced by Taylor Gray) is an orphan on the planet Lothal, who encounters the starship Ghost crew.

Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), a former Jedi apprentice who survived Order 66, senses Ezra’s abilities with the Force and recruits him as a Padawan.

Rounding out the crew are Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall), the ship’s pilot, Sabine Wren (Tiya Sirdar), a Mandalorian former bounty hunter and graffiti artist, and Zeb (Steven Blum), a Lasat who is the last of his kind and the heavy combat member of the team.


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