How strong is Boruto? Has Boruto finally surpassed Naruto?

The advancement of strengths and abilities in Boruto, the series, has given fans a lot to think about. Some of the characters from Boruto’s generation have already harnessed enough power to be considered Kage-level.

As for Boruto himself, some think he still has time until he surpasses his dad, while most believe he’s already as powerful as not just the Seventh Hokage, but many of the other souped-up characters on the show. Just how strong is Boruto?

As of chapter 78, Boruto is among the top strongest characters in the series. He’s now 100% Otsutsuki with full access to Momoshiki’s arsenal of powers and experience. With the time-skip approaching, Boruto can almost willfully activate Jougan, potentially the strongest dojutsu.

How strong is Boruto? Has Boruto finally surpassed Naruto?
Borushiki | Source: Fandom

1. Is Boruto stronger than Naruto? How and why?

With the power-ups that Boruto has received, especially after his reincarnation and new ultimate Karma, it’s evident that Boruto has not just surpassed his father, Naruto, but also his master, Sasuke.

It has been repeated time and again in the series that the new generation will surpass the old. While this was true merely in theory, a few chapters ago, it turned into reality.

It goes without saying that Boruto is a child prodigy who achieved much more than Naruto ever could at his age.

Boruto is half Uzumaki and half Hyuga, not to mention, a direct descendant of both sides of the Otsutsuki clan on earth – Hagaromo, on Naruto’s side and Hamura, on Hinata’s.

With such a bloodline so powerful, Boruto has unique innate strengths that set him apart from the rest. In addition, he’s trained under the best Shinobi, and now also has the power bestowed upon him by Otsutsuki.

But the reason why Boruto is stronger than Naruto and Sasuke is his purely weaponized Karma powers.

How strong is Boruto? Has Boruto finally surpassed Naruto?
Boruto’s Karma making his Rasengan more massive | Source: Fandom

After he defeated Momoshiki Otsutsuki with his Vanishing Rasengan – which in itself is commendable – Boruto was bestowed with a kama or seal, making him the vessel of Momoshiki. This meant that once the extraction process was completed, all of Boruto’s DNA would be rewritten as Momoshiki’s and he would become him.

Karma allows the vessel it’s marked on all the Otsutsuki clan’s abilities. But the powers vary depending on who’s mark it is and the compatibility of the vessel.

In Boruto’s case, as Isshiki observed, the Karma-Vessel consonance was so natural that it would enable the God Tree to produce the highest quality Chakra Fruit possible.

[Incidentally, this is why Momoshiki helped Kawaki/Isshiki escape in the most recent chapter – to sacrifice Boruto for the God Tree.]

Boruto instinctively developed and synchronized with Momoshiki and in a short time, he was already using a tremendous amount of Otsutsuki power.

When Boruto willingly got impaled by Kawaki, Boruto’s body was filled with 82% of Momoshiki’s data. To save himself and consequently Boruto, Momoshiki healed Boruto’s body by using the last 18%. By doing this, Momoshiki lost the ability to resurrect himself (although he might still have a way using Ten Tails and the God Tree).

This made Boruto fully and 100% Otsutsuki by body and power, while still retaining himself. Momoshiki still exists within him, but he can no longer take over Boruto permanently.

Boruto now has Momoshiki’s full range of abilities and also years of his experience. Boruto is Otsutsuki now, more powerful than any human could ever be. Including Naruto.

It’s important to mention that it is only after Boruto gained 100% of Momoshiki’s power that he surpassed Naruto. Naruto’s Baryon Mode is probably the most powerful transformation we’ve ever seen. Naruto, along with Sasuke, defeated Fused Momoshiki at 50%.

Naruto and Sasuke were nerfed because Naruto lost Kurama and Sasuke lost Rinnegan. It’s hard to say how Boruto-Momoshiki matches up with the likes of Daemon, Ada/Eida, Code, and Kawaki-Isshiki, but with the full power of Karma, plus his own added skills, Boruto is now stronger than Sasuke and Naruto.

2. All of Boruto’s Most Powerful Abilities and Jutsu

1. Karma Induced Powers

I. Jougan/Jogan

How strong is Boruto? Has Boruto finally surpassed Naruto?
Jogan | Source: Fandom

Boruto is the only character in the franchise currently shown to have this mysterious dojutsu/ Kekkei Genkai. He doesn’t currently have power over it, but from the flashforward sequence we saw at the beginning of the series, Boruto will be able to manipulate Jougan soon.

In Boruto chapter 78, Boruto injures his right eye to save Sarada. He gets the scar that we saw he has post the time-skip.

Jougan allows him to sense chakra flow, the entire chakra pathway system, and determine its key and weak points. It can also see through invisible barriers that connect between dimensions.

There isn’t any more revealed about Jougan, but Momoshiki’s remarks about Boruto’s blue eyes taking everything from him might be a reference to Jougan and the power it might yield.

Toneri’s prophesy and what Urashiki said about Boruto becoming a threat to Otsutsukis might also be related to the full manifestation of Jougan.

With Jogan, Boruto might become stronger than Jigen, the Otsutsukis, Daemon, and Naruto and Sasuke together.

II. Space-Time Ninjutsu

Boruto can create the Kama Rift using Momoshiki’s space-time ninjutsu. This is a dimension rift that can transport the user and anyone else into a rift or void in space-time.

While Kama Rift is the only technique we’ve seen Boruto use, it’s likely that he can manipulate the entire space-time continuum and use the others techniques like Senju, Obito, and Minato demonstrated.

III. Chakra & Ninjutsu Absorption

Boruto can absorb any chakra and ninjutsu because of his Karma. This means that he can absorb any energy-based target.

Additionally, the Karma enhances all his physical capabilities like speed and strength, and with increased chakra, his stamina is gigantic. He also has heightened regenerative skills.

3. Rasengan

How strong is Boruto? Has Boruto finally surpassed Naruto?
Rasengan | Source: Fandom

Boruto learned how to use Rasengan from Konohamaru Sarutobi after extensive practice. While initially creating the Rasengan, he subconsciously applied wind-natured chakra to it, making it his greatest technique.

Boruto can mimick his dad’s Wind Release: Rasengan and also create variations like Vanishing Rasengan which includes lightning release.

Other examples include Super High Compression Rasengan and Massive Rasengan.

4. Gentle Fist

How strong is Boruto? Has Boruto finally surpassed Naruto?
Gentle Fist | Source: Fandom

Boruto learned the special Hyuga clan fighting style called Gentle Fist from his mother, Hinata.

Boruto can use Gentle Fist despite not possessing Byakugan. However, it is a leveled down version of it, and Boruto cannot perfect Gentle Fist unless he awakens his Byakugan or manages to use Jougan to make up for it.

5. Shadow Clone Jutsu

How strong is Boruto? Has Boruto finally surpassed Naruto?
Shadow Clone Technique | Source: Fandom

Being Naruto’s son, Boruto learned Shadow Clone at a very young age and excelled at it. He is able to create 4 shadow clones despite his chakra being mostly depleted.

6. Boruto Stream

How strong is Boruto? Has Boruto finally surpassed Naruto?
Boruto Stream | Source: Fandom

With Boruto Stream, Boruto can combine his Shadow Clone jutsu with Wind Release and propel himself at exceptionally high speeds. Specifically, Boruto can be seen combining 2 shadow clones, the Gale Palm Wind Release, and Lightning Release.

This creates a kind of tunnel vision for his enemy, preventing any hits from landing on him.

7. Triple Lightning Shuriken Jutsu

How strong is Boruto? Has Boruto finally surpassed Naruto?
Uchiha Style Shurikenjutsu: “Lightning”: Triple | Source: Fandom

Being Sasuke Uchiha’s student, Boruto, who already had an affinity for lightning, was taught by his mentor to use Lightning Release on his shuriken.

Sasuke is a master at Shuriken Jutsu and taught him how to also change the trajectory of his shuriken mid-air and increase its precision. With the lightning on top, Boruto’s Shuriken Jutsu is lethal.

In addition to this list, Boruto also can use Purple Lightning Release, Thunderclap Arrow, Water Release: Surging Sea, Sexy Jutsu, and various forms of taijutsu, ninjutsu, and kenjutsu.

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8. About Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is written and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto, and supervised by Masashi Kishimoto. It came into serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in June 2016.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the series that follows the exploits of Naruto’s son, Boruto, during his academy days and further on.

The series follows the character development of Boruto and the looming evil that challenges the fate of him and his loved ones.

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