How long does it take to beat AC: II? Main Story And 100% Completion Time

Assassin’s Creed: II is the first installment in the Ezio trilogy and introduces players to the most popular and fan-favorite assassin in the series, Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

It is the second major installment in the Assassin’s Creed series.

The story spans from 1491 to 1492 and follows Ezio Auditore da Firenze as he goes to Spain in order to help his fellow Assassins who are being hunted by the Templar Order under the guise of the Spanish Inquisition.

If you’re aiming to complete the main story of Assassin’s Creed: II, then you’ll require around 19 hours. Completing both the main missions and side missions will take you around 26 hours while a completionist run of the game will take you around 35 hours.

Difficulty won’t be a factor affecting your playtime as Assassin’s Creed: II has no difficulty settings so you have to keep playing the game on a predetermined difficulty level. But you can approach the game however you want to.

1. How long are the DLCs?

How long does it take to beat AC: II? Main Story & 100% Completion Time
Battle of Forli – Assassin’s Creed: II

Assassin’s Creed: II has two main DLCs which add a lot to the game and are very fun to play through. The 2 DLCs and their playtimes are listed below:

I. Battle of Forli: The main story of the Battle of Forli DLC will take around 1 hour to complete but to obtain a 100% completion of the DLC, you’ll require around 2 hours.

II. Bonfire of the Vanities: The main story of Bonfire of the Vanities DLC will take 2 hours complete and a completionist run of the DLC will take around 3 hours to complete.

2. How many endings does Assassin’s Creed: II have?

How long does it take to beat AC: II? Main Story & 100% Completion Time
Ezio Meets Minerva – Assassin’s Creed: II

Assassin’s Creed: II has only one ending which serves as the definitive ending for the entirety of the game. To briefly explain the ending, Ezio defeats Rodrigo Borgia, spares his life and then unlocks a vault. He meets Minerva who tells Ezio and Desmond how her people created humanity.

Before vanishing, Minerva tells Desmond that he has the power to fulfill the “prophecy” which leaves Desmond and Ezio confused. In the present day, Abstergo agents attack Desmond’s hideout.

Lucy informs Desmond that the Assassins have detected strange signals in the Earth’s magnetic field which will likely lead to global catastrophe. Desmond reenters the Animus which then leads to the events of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

3. Is Assassin’s Creed: II a hard game?

How long does it take to beat AC: II? Main Story & 100% Completion Time
Ezio Killing a Templar – Assassin’s Creed: II

According to the majority of the players, Assassin’s Creed: II is an easy game and not very hard. Since there are no difficulty settings in the game, you can’t increase your difficulty level in order to make the game more challenging.

Being an easy game isn’t necessarily a bad thing as Assassin’s Creed: II doesn’t fail to be fun. Most players have fun with the game despite calling the game too easy and no matter what difficulty you prefer playing in, having fun is the main goal so Assassin’s Creed: II has you covered on that end.

4. Does Assassin’s Creed: II have multiplayer?

How long does it take to beat AC: II? Main Story & 100% Completion Time
Multiplayer – Assassin’s Creed: II

Assassin’s Creed: II on PC and consoles doesn’t have its own multiplayer mode but a game was released for iPhone and iPod Touch called Assassin’s Creed: II Multiplayer based on the main game.

The game puts up to four players in an all-out deathmatch. The game is played from a top-down perspective unlike Assassin’s Creed: II which is played from a third-person perspective. Players are matched with other players online and are given live players as targets. So, Assassin’s Creed: II does have multiplayer but not in the way you’d expect.

5. 100% Completion

How long does it take to beat AC: II? Main Story & 100% Completion Time
Ezio Lunging at an Enemy – Assassin’s Creed: II

To obtain 100% completion in Assassin’s Creed: II, there’s quite a lot to do and while it can be time-consuming, it is necessary if you’re aiming to do a completionist run of the game. Here’s all you need to do in order to achieve 100% completion:

1. Complete all Main Story Missions

2. Complete all Side Missions:

  • Assassination Contracts
  • Races
  • Courier Missions
  • Statuettes
  • Templar Lairs

3. Collect all Collectibles:

  • Treasure Chests
  • Feathers
  • Glyphs
  • Dungeons

4. Completely Renovate Monteriggioni

5. Unlock all Trophies

6. All Main Story Missions List

How long does it take to beat AC: II? Main Story & 100% Completion Time
Double Kill – Assassin’s Creed: II

The main story for Assassin’s Creed: II is divided into 14 Sequences which includes both the DLCs as Sequences 12 and 13 respectively. Here’s a list of all the main missions that you have to do in order to complete the story (excluding the DLCs):

Sequence 1: Ignorance Is Bliss

– Boys Will Be Boys

– You Should See the Other Guy

– Sibling Rivalry

– Nightcap

– Paperboy

– Beat a Cheat

– Petruccio’s Secret

– Friend of the Family

– Special Delivery

– Jailbird

– Family Heirloom

– Last Man Standing

Sequence 2: Escape Plans

– Fitting In

– Ace Up My Sleeves

– Judge, Jury, Executioner

– Laying Low

– Arrivederci

Sequence 3: Requiescat in Pace

– Roadside Assistance

– Casa Dolce Casa

– Practise Makes Perfect

– What Goes Around

– A Change of Plans

Sequence 4: The Pazzi Conspiracy

– Practise What You Preach

– Fox Hunt

– See You There

– Novella’s Secret

– Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

– Farewell Francesco

Sequence 5: Loose Ends

– Four to the Floor / A Blade with Bit

– Evasive Maneuvers

– Town Crier

– Come Out and Play

– The Cowl Does Not Make the Monk

– Behind Closed Doors

– With Friends Like These

Sequence 6: Rocky Road

– Road Trip

– Romagna Holiday

– Tutti a Bordo

Sequence 7: The Merchant of Venice

– Beginning

– Benvenuto

– That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

– Building Blocks / Cleaning House

– Breakout

– Monkey See, Monkey Do

– By Leaps and Bounds

– Clothes Make the Man

– Everything Must Go

Sequence 8: Necessity, Mother of Invention

– Birds of a Feather

– If At First You Don’t Succeed…

– Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

– Well Begun Is Half Done

– Infrequent Flier

Sequence 9: Carnevale

– Knowledge Is Power

– Damsel in Distress

– Nun the Wiser


– And They’re Off

– Cheaters Never Prosper

– Having a Blast

Sequence 10: Force Majeure

– An Unpleasant Turn of Events

– Caged Fighter

– Leave No Man Behind

– Assume the Position

– Two Birds, One Blade

Sequence 11: Alter Egos

– All Things Come to He Who Waits

– Play Along

Sequence 14: Veni, Vidi, Vici

– X Marks the Spot

– In Bocca Al Lupo

7. All Side Missions List

How long does it take to beat AC: II? Main Story & 100% Completion Time
Ezio in Battle – Assassin’s Creed: II

Assassin’s Creed: II features’ tons of side content and missions to do ranging from races to assassination contracts. Here’s a list of all the side missions that you can do in the game:

I. Assassination Contracts

  • Day at the Market
  • Fallen Archers
  • Political Suicide
  • Caveat Emptor
  • Meeting Adjourned
  • Needle in a Haystack
  • Peacekeeper
  • Leader of the Pack
  • Think The Ranks
  • Beginnings of a Conspiracy
  • Arch Enemies
  • Wet Work
  • Dead On Arrival
  • Go Towards The Light
  • Mark and Execute
  • Reap What You Sow
  • Don’t Get Your Hands Dirty
  • Supply in Demand
  • Flee Market
  • Vertical Slice
  • No Camping
  • Showtime
  • Thicker Than Water
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Blade in the Crowd
  • Honorable Thief
  • No Laughing Matter
  • Crash a Party
  • False Legacy
  • Hunting the Hunter

II. Races

  • Florentine Spirit
  • San Marco Scuttle
  • Romagna Hustle
  • Horseplay
  • San Gimignano Dash
  • Venetian Rush

III. Courier Missions

  • Casanova
  • The Messenger’s Burden
  • Wedding Bells are Ringing
  • Speedy Delivery
  • The Perfect Marriage
How long does it take to beat AC: III? Main Story & 100% Completion Time
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8. About Assassin’s Creed II

The follow-up to the fastest-selling new IP in videogame history, Assassin’s Creed II peeks into the journey of Desmond Miles, who uses a machine called the Animus to relive the memories of his ancestor Ezio Auditore, in order to become a master assassin. 

The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It managed to garner several awards as the “Best Action-Adventure Game of 2009,” for containing action sequences that were ahead of their time.

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