New World Resources Guide: Respawn Time and How to Save It?

A few hours into playing New World, you will realize that the most difficult challenge of the game isn’t killing opponents or looting. It’s getting your hands on those resources. It’s essential to prioritize the search for the resources because they act as the ingredients for building weapons and other materials. 

You’ll find stones, flints, trees, bushes, or other resources in abundance. But, ores, hemp, herbs, and crops aren’t as common. What’s worse, if your opponents collect these resources before you, they disappear, and you can’t collect them for a while. 

But, these resources won’t be gone permanently. If you’re adamant about not searching for them anywhere else and would rather have patience, they will eventually respawn. In this guide, I’ll explain how long you’d have to wait for these resources to come back and give tips on how you can collect these resources quicker. 

How long do harvestable resources take to respawn in New World? 

New World Resources Guide: Respawn Time and How to Save It?
Harvestable Resources Respawn

The respawn time for harvestable resources varies from 8 to 30 minutes. They are most popular in grassland areas and provide Fibers used to craft cloth for making weapons, armor, and tools.  

The following are types of harvestable resources with their respawn times in New World: 

I. Silkweed, Wirefiber, Herbs, Hemp, and Bushes 

These resources are of three sizes, the small ones take 8 to 12 minutes, the medium ones take 10.5 to 15 minutes, and the large ones take 12 to 17 minutes to respawn. Additionally, Berry and Blueberry bushes are farming/cooking ingredients with relatively lower respawn times. 

II. Farming/Cooking Ingredients 

Cabbage, carrots, corn, potatoes, barley, squash, melons, broccoli, cranberries, strawberries, and wheat have a respawn time of 15 to 30 minutes. 

III. Fungi 

Harvestable fungi like Twisted Tubecap, Tendrilspine, Void Pitcher, Bumbleblossom, Slimy Twistcap, Cascaded Gillflower, Weeping Shellbed, Flowering Tubecap, Capped Tanglewisp, Toadpoat, Tanglewisp, Fronded Petalcap, Spinecap, Suncreeper, Warm Platecap, and Corrupted Bloodspore also have a respawn time of 15 to 30 minutes. 

IV. Pigments 

All Prismabloom pigments for dye such as black, brown, white, violet, cyan, blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange, and red take 15 to 30 minutes to respawn. 

V. Magical Creatures and Plants 

Magical creatures such as Soulwyrm, Blightmoth, Lifemoth, Floating Spinefish, Lighting Beetle, Salamander Snail, Earthshell Turtle, and Cultivated Grain require 17.5 to 25 minutes to respawn. 

While magical plants like Blightroot, Lifebloom, Soulsprout, Rivercress, Shockbulb, Dragonglory, and Earthspine respawn in 10.5 to 15 minutes. 

How long do mineable resources take to respawn in New World? 

New World Resources Guide: Respawn Time and How to Save It?
Mineable Resources Respawn

Mining veins take longer to respawn than their harvestable counterparts. Also, mineable resources such as Boulders can respawn in up to 11 minutes, while Platinum veins may take an hour. 

In New World, mining is an important Trade Skill that allows players to locate and gather resources in the form of ores. These ores are for crafting more precious metals.  

Here are the various mining vein resources and their respective respawn times: 

I. Iron vein, Silver vein, Boulder, and Seeping stone 

These ores are similar to herbs and hemp in variety and respawn time. Small ones take 8 to 12 minutes, medium ones take 10.5 to 15 minutes, and large ones take 12 to 17 minutes to respawn. 

II. Crystals, Stonepile, Mountain and Tundra elemental 

Crystals of small sizes take 21 to 30 minutes to respawn, and the same goes for Mountain and Tundra elementals. Crystals of medium sizes require 24.5 to 35 minutes to respawn, while large crystals and Stonepile need 28 to 40 minutes. 

III. Orichalcum and Platinum veins 

In New World, Orichalcum veins of small sizes respawn in 16.8 to 24 minutes, and medium ones require 21 to 30 minutes, while large Orichalcum veins take 23.8 to 34 minutes. 

Platinum veins require the longest time to respawn in New World, ranging between 41 to 59 minutes, 44 to 64 minutes, and 48 to 69 minutes for their small, medium, and large counterparts, respectively. 

IV. Lodenstone, Sandstone, Gold and Starmetal vein 

These ores are uncommon and don’t require a long time to respawn. Their small, medium, and large counterparts take 12.5 to 18 minutes, 15 to 22.5 minutes, and 17.8 to 25.5 minutes, respectively. 

V. Magical stones 

In New World, magical stones and motes like Earthcrag, Scorchstone, Shockspine, Springstone, Souplspine, Life Jewel, and Blightcrag respawn in 14 to 20 minutes. Commonly found ore nuggets in the game, respawn in less than 15 minutes. 

How can you save resource respawn time in New World? 

New World Resources Guide: Respawn Time and How to Save It?
Save Resource Respawn Time

Try logging in to New World very early in the morning, playing in a region where you’ll be playing during off-hours, or finding a server with a lower population. It will ensure fewer players on the map with you, and as a result, your chances of coming across ungathered resources will be higher. Therefore, eliminating the need to wait for them to respawn. 

Additionally, this simple trick will significantly reduce the potential of you getting stuck in a sizable queue to enter New World, hence, saving more time. 

In New World, rare resources demand a long wait, but they’re worth it. Make sure you don’t depend on only one location and go around scouting other places for these resources. 

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