How is Steve Trevor Still Alive in Wonder Woman 1984? Does He Die Now?

The release of Wonder Woman 1984 was a delightful Christmas gift to the fans. The film came with a few surprises as well, such as Lynda Carter’s cameo as Asteria. And let’s not forget *drum roll* Steve Trevor’s baffling come back to life.

Steve Trevor did come back to life, yes, but it’s not in a way you would have expected. Diana makes a wish to the dreamstone to reunite with her former lover. Then we see that Steve wakes up on the body of another man.

Back when it was announced that Chris Pine was also joining the sequel film cast, it left everyone pulling their hair in confusion. There were a lot of theories about the hows and whys. But none of them came close to what really happened.

We shall discuss the hows and whys in detail. But first,

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Wonder Woman 1984.

1. How Did Steve Die in the Prequel?

In the 2017 Wonder Woman film, we see that Steve bids a hasty goodbye to Diana. Then he rushes off to a plane filled with the hydrogen-containing flammable gas containers.

In hopes of saving “today,” he flies the plane up towards the sky as he said. Steve shoots one of the cylinders, causing a vast airborne explosion, in which he most likely died.

Steve Trevor
Steve Trevor sacrifices his life to save “today”

I mean, it’d be a stretch if he somehow managed to survive such a huge blast. Steve Trevor isn’t Robert Langdon if you know what I’m saying.

Coming back to the point, the plane blast scene was the last that was seen of Steve Trevor, implying that he had died.

2. How is Steve Trevor Alive in the Movie?

Diana makes a wish to a mysterious wish-granting citrine stone and whispers to get her long lost lover, Steve Trevor, back. And he does come back.

Steve Trevor
Steve Trevor

To understand this better, let us discuss about this miraculous stone.

What is the Mysterious Citrine Stone?

Diana comes across a Citrine stone at her workplace at Smithsonian. The stone was among the antiques sent over to the museum from a mall heist. The stone seemed pretty ordinary or unimportant.

Barbara Minerva speaks about how the stone can be a wish stone. Just then, an employee touches the stone and jokes about needing a coffee. But then guess what? Someone miraculously comes around asking if anyone needed a cup of coffee.


After a series of wishes came true, it was concluded that the Citrine stone was capable of granting wishes. (When Barbara wishes to be like Diana, Maxwell Lord’s catastrophic wish to become the stone itself, and dun dun dun! Diana’s wish came true too!)

Later on, Barbara finds out about a similar stone responsible for bringing about destruction to multiple civilizations throughout history.

After following a lead, Diana finds out that the stone was crafted by the god of lies, and they realize that the wishes came with a price. (And it rhymes!)

In the film, the Citrine stone was called “Dreamstone

3. Why Does Steve Trevor Look Different?

Now comes the exciting part. I’m sure you remember how Steve died. He sacrificed himself, trying to save the “today.”

Here’s my theory as to why Steve looks different. If he had died in the plane blast in Wonder Woman (2017), his body must have been obliterated to pieces because of how he was at the center of the blast radius.

When Diana wishes for Steve to come back, there was no physical form of his being left to come back. Even if the cause of his death weren’t a blast, it would have been pretty far fetched for Steve to crawl out of his grave.

No, that would be very creepy.

So he (or rather his soul) somehow managed to possess a man’s body (played by Kristoffer Polaha). He is only referred to as “Handsome man.” Very little is known about this man apart from him being an engineer and having a bold wardrobe.

In short, Steve doesn’t come back to life in his own body. Instead, he takes over the body of an innocent man. This hinted how the stone didn’t really do good with its promise.

Even though the rest of the world, and himself, see Steve’s new form as Kristoffer but Diana (and thus, us too) sees him like Chris Pine. “I only see you,” she told him.

4. How Does Steve Die Now?

We’ve already established that the wishes granted by the dreamstone are cursed and that they come with a price. So bringing Steve, a human, back to life cost Diana her Amazonian superpowers.

The weakening of her powers started to become evident when she chased Maxwell Lord in Egypt with Pseudo-Steve. A bullet grazed her shoulder, and she almost slipped off of her lasso of truth when she was saving two kids.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Her powers weakened even further when she got seriously injured fighting Neo-Barbara (Barbara after becoming stronger).

Seeing this, Steve convinces Diana to renounce her wish. Diana obviously refuses, saying she can’t say goodbye again. But Steve says that he’s “already gone.”

After making a choice that every superhero usually has to make, she sacrifices her chance at life with Steve by renouncing her wish and goes and saves the day.

5. Who Does Wonder Woman End Up With?

Seeing how she chose to give up on her chance at life with Steve to save the day, we might as well say she found closure.

Sure, the choice to give up on Steve was hard for her, but she knew that the man before her wasn’t really Steve. She has finally accepted his death and has decided to move on.

So we know for a fact that Steve is out of the picture (unless he manages to pull another come-back-to-life stunt. Which, is rather unlikely).

Steve and Diana
Steve and Diana

However, at the end of the movie, Diana takes a stroll in the town square on Christmas day. There she has a chance encounter with Kristoffer’s character.

They seem to share a moment before hle walks away. The interaction gives us hopes for a potential romance between them.

But nothing is certain yet, because Patty Jenkins, the director and producer, said that the next Wonder Woman film would be in a contemporary setting, which is almost four decades after the second film.

6. Will Steve Come Back in Wonder Woman 3?

I think we’ve already concluded this question. It’s unlikely that Steve Trevor will come back in Wonder Woman 3.

And to be honest, I’d rather he didn’t. Diana needs to go out and open herself to the world and experience love that’s not getting taken away from her.

Diana needs to move on from Steve and explore the whole world of possibilities out there. So Steve coming back may kind of disturb the whole thing.

Whatever it may be, we can only hope for the story to make sense. Let’s wait and find out.

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