HIMYF Character Posters Revealed – Do They Relate to Original Series?

Hulu has released new character posters for its upcoming How I Met Your Father reboot series, and it introduces us to the six main characters.

As a person who rewatches How I Met Your Mother as a comfort show multiple times, I’m going to do everything in my irrational capacity to relate these new characters to the OGs.

First up is Sophie – “Aspiring Photographer. Lives in NYC with Valentina, her bff. Not giving up on finding love.”

HIMYF Character Posters Revealed – Do They Relate to Original Series?
How I Met Your Father

Stating the obvious but she is the protagonist and a hopeless romantic looking for love in NYC. Ring any bells? Ok, here’s another hint – a certain someone traumatizing their child(ren) with stories of their love life that more often than not have TMI.

Next is Sophie’s Marshall, or as the poster calls her, “Sophie’s ride or die.” Valentina is an “up-and-coming celebrity stylist. Not great at monogamy.”

Guess Valentina might be the true descendant of not only The Barnacle but also his personal stylist Tim Gunn.

Jesse is a musician/uber driver. He “lives with Sid, his bff. Failed marriage, proposal went viral.”

If you squint your eyes hard enough, you could see him as an amalgamation of Ranjeet (driver), Marshall (lives with best friend), and Shmosby (failed marriage).

Then comes Jesse’s sister, Ellen. “Small town –> city girl. Newly single & ready to mingle.”

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t instantly think of Barney’s half-brother James. To not mention that Jesse and Ellen look different is similar to Barney calling James’ dad his own… there can only be one elephant in the room.

Sid, the mandatory new brown character replacement for HIMYM’s Ranjeet. “Roommates with Jesse. In a long-distance relationship with his fiancée. Proud bar owner.”

Maybe Carl what’s-his-last-name had some apprentices at MacLaren’s pub.

The last one is Charlie, “British Aristocrat. Moved to NYC for Val. Former socialite, newly poor.

This one is definitely far-fetched, but… Lorenzo von Matterhorn if he was an actual person. His vibes match the guy, not to mention he looks awfully similar to Neil Patrick Harris from the early seasons, minus the dapper suits, of course.

Maybe Charlie went broke trying to afford those suits. No one can have it all, sadly… except for Barney.

The series is just a month away, and fans of the original series understandably have divided opinions about it. Not the one to bad-mouth something before it’s even out, but the trailer did seem like a less charming version of HIMYM.

How I Met Your Father | Trailer
HIMYF Trailer

In all fairness, it’s the inevitable curse of reboots. Whenever a reboot is too familiar to the original work, it is deemed recycled and does not bring anything new to the table. But if it differs drastically, people are bound to criticize it for not being connected to the original.

Classics are classics for a reason. They have a certain type of nostalgia attached to them where new material often falls short, no matter how good it individually might be.

I’d suggest that if you want to enjoy the series, go with an open mind and try not to connect it to the mothership or compare the two in any way.

Watch this space for a detailed review when How I Met Your Father premieres on Hulu on January 18, 2022.

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About How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father (HIMYF) is a spinoff series of the incredibly successful CBS show, How I Met Your Mother. The original show ran for nine seasons, from 2005 to 2014, quickly making its mark with a dedicated cult-like fanbase.

HIMYF was announced to start production in April 2021 with the Lizzy McGuire star Hilary Duff playing the lead called Sophie, narrating her journey to her children in the future.

The show’s flashbacks will start from Sophie and her close friends navigating love, life and struggles in the modern era of dating, paying bills and more, in 2021.

Created by writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger of This Is Us fame and directed by the original show’s director, Pamela Fryman, the first season of HIMYF is revealed to have 10 episodes. No further details have yet been released.

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