Aokawa’s Adorable Rom-Com “All-Guy’s Mixer” to Receive an Anime

If you are looking for a cute and fluffy romcom with unforgettable characters, excellent pacing, and hilarious writing, “How I Attended an All-Guy’s Mixer” is the series for you.

This anime features Tokiwa, who meets three dazzlingly handsome men cross-dressing for their work. They unexpectedly get closer, which leads to dozens of cute interactions. This series is all set to receive an anime, and here’s all that information.

The romantic comedy manga How I Attended an All-Guy’s Mixer will soon receive an anime adaptation. A teaser trailer was released along with the announcement.


The brief teaser trailer features the three main female characters, Fuji, Suo, and Kohaku, cross-dressing for a bar where they work. The male lead, Tokiwa, and his friends Hagi and Asagi are also featured in this trailer.

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① TV animation decided!

② Teaser visual released!

③ Special video released! →

④ Comments from the original author Nana Aokawa have arrived!


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The teaser visual features the cross-dressed main characters while their true identities are shown via silhouettes.

The author has also shared illustrations to commemorate the announcement and to show her happiness. She also hopes that the audience will continue to like her work and support her.

【notice】 It has been decided that the TV anime #合コンに行ったら女がいなかった話 will be produced! ! Thank you very much for your continued support

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The manga is super popular and is one of the most well-loved rom-com series. This manga already got a live-action television adaptation in late 2022 that ran for 10 episodes.

This manga is super cute, and you should check it out if you are craving an excellent cross-dressing series.

About How I Attended an All-Guy’s Mixer

How I Attended an All-Guy’s Mixer (Goukon ni Ittara Onna ga Inakatta Hanashi) is a web manga that is releasing on the author’s pixiv account since March 22, 2020.

Square Enix Manga has licensed the series, and it publishes it on Manga UP!. The company describes the story:

College student Tokiwa gets invited to a mixer by his female classmate Suo. But when he arrives with his friends, they’re greeted by three dazzlingly handsome men?! But as the two groups get to know each other, they find themselves getting closer in unexpected ways.

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