Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 2 Ending Explained

1. What happened at the end of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 2?

Towards the end of episode 2, Percy Jackson gets claimed by Poseidon and agrees to go on a quest to save his mother and stop the war of the Gods.

Annabeth pushes Percy into the water after helping Team Blue win. To his surprise, his battle wounds heal, and his father’s trident appears over his head, revealing him to be the son of Poseidon.

Since Percy is a forbidden demigod claimed by the Sea God, Chiron, and Dionysus tell him about his quest to stop the war of the Gods.

Mr. Brunner reveals that Percy Jackson is now the only hope to stop an impending war between Zeus and Poseidon that could end the world of humans. Someone has stolen the master bolt, the symbol of Zeus’ authority. Since Poseidon resents him, Zeus thinks his brother stole the bolt and gives him an ultimatum of one week to return it.

However, Poseidon doesn’t possess the lightning bolt. Hades, who hates them both, could have stolen the bolt to start a war. So, he chooses Percy to get it back from Hades in the Underworld.

How does Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 2 end?
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2. Is Sally Jackson Still Alive?

Grover did his research and concluded that Sally, Percy’s mother, was still alive and Hades had taken her with him into his realm. As soon as Percy heard that during the ending of Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 2, he decided to go to the Underworld and bring back his mother.

I believe Annabeth and Grover would accompany him in his quest, and we would have to wait for the subsequent episodes to know if they can breach Hades’ fortress and bring back Sally Jackson and even Zeus’ stolen master bolt.

3. What’s next for Percy Jackson, Annabeth, and Grover?

After agreeing to go on the quest, Percy teams up with Annabeth and Grover to visit the Underworld, get the lightning bolt, and save his mother.

The ending of episode 1 showed Percy’s mother, Sally Jackson, disintegrating at the hands of the Minotaur. While Percy initially believed she died, Grover reveals that she was taken by Hades.

The post-credits scene of Episode 2 gives us a sneak peek into the next episode, revealing Percy, Grover, and Annabeth going on the quest to enter the Underworld. Annabeth joins Percy because it’s the only way to prove herself to be the strongest warrior.

Chiron promised her that a demigod fated to go on a deadly quest would arrive at Camp one day, and she could join him. So, with Percy Jackson, her moment has finally arrived. In episode 3, we will witness Percy, Grover, and Annabeth leaving the Camp to take on Ms. Dodds and Medusa.

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4. About Percy Jackson And The Olympians

Percy Jackson And The Olympians is an upcoming Disney+ show which will follow the events of the book series of the same name by Rick Riordan. The fantasy action series is now in production.

The series will follow each of the five books in the fantasy novel series, covering one book per season. The first season will follow Percy Jackson, who just discovered he is a demigod and son of Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea; Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena; and the brave satyr Grover. The first season follows the teens across states as they go on a quest to save Percy’s mother from Hades.

The series stars Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson, Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth Chase, Aryan Simhadri as Grover, Virginia Kull as Saly Jackson, Charlie Bushnell as Luke Castellan, Dior Goodjohn as Clarisse LaRue, and more.


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