Blue Beetle Ending Explained: What is Jaime Reyes’ Future In DCU?

Starring Cobra Kai’s Xolo Maridueña as its titular hero, Blue Beetle breathes new life into the D.C. cinematic universe just as James Gunn and Peter Safran prepare to reboot it. While that could mean Blue Beetle is a standalone story with no more significant repercussions for the future of the DCU, director Ángel Manuel Soto already went on record to say Jaime Reyes is the first official superhero of the new universe.

After Victoria and Carapax capture Jaime to regain access to the Scarab, Blue Beetle’s ending revolves around Jennifer and Jaime’s family devising a plan to rescue him. Jaime is left trapped in a device programmed to download the Scarab’s code and transfer it to Victoria’s O.M.A.C. suits, allowing her to create an army of thousands.

While he eventually breaks free and begins fighting back against his enemies, Jaime’s allies among Blue Beetles’ characters continue their pursuits to help take down Victoria, Carapax, and more soldiers. Blue Beetle’s ending builds to a final confrontation between the heroes and villains before teasing part of the D.C. Universe’s future.

The Blue Beetle movie ends with Jaime Reyes defeating Victoria Kord and her army of O.M.A.C. suits and Carapax sacrificing himself to take Kord down. Jaime also embraces his destiny as Blue Beetle and protects Palmera City.

1. Why The Scarab Stops Jaime Reyes From Killing Carapax

Blue Beetle’s ending is a turning point when the Scarab, known as Khaji-Da, stops Jaime from killing Carapax. Jaime wants revenge on the man he believes is partially responsible for his father’s death and comes within centimeters of becoming a killer. Thanks to Jaime and the Scarab bonding, Khaji-Da can stop Jaime from plunging his blades far enough to kill Carapax.

When he questions why she won’t let him kill Carapax, Khaji-Da repeats Jaime’s words earlier in the movie to remind him that they are not killers. The film also reveals a deeper reason why the Scarab stops Jaime through Carapax’s backstory.

2. The Truth of Carapax’s Backstory Revealed In Blue Beetle’s Ending

Since Carapax’s new powers came from the Scarab’s code transfer, Khaji-Da reveals that she has access to his memories now and shows Jaime the truth behind his enemy’s past.

This is where Blue Beetle’s ending reveals that Carapax’s participation in Victoria’s experiments was not entirely voluntary. Conrad’s mother died when he was young from a Kord Industries bomb, leaving Victoria to find him and force him to be raised as a trained killer and soldier. The truth behind Carapax’s origin helps convince Jaime to spare his life, knowing that he did not choose to become the killing machine Victoria has turned him into.

How Does Blue Beetle End? Does Jaime Reyes Defeat Victoria?
Xolo Maridueña in Blue Beetle (2023) | Source: IMDb

3. Why Carapax Self-Destructs & Kills Victoria Kord

There is a moment where both Carapax and Victoria Kord will be left alive, potentially allowing either character to factor into future movie plans. However, Blue Beetle’s ending goes in the opposite direction by making Carapax responsible for both of their deaths.

Carapax returns to Victoria after she orders him to kill Jaime and Jennifer, but he no longer wants to serve the woman responsible for killing his mother.

This leads Carapax to overcharge his suit to turn himself into a living bomb and pull Victoria into a burning field nearby. Shortly after this, Carapax’s suit self-destructs, killing himself and Victoria Kord.

4. Blue Beetle’s ending and future of DC Universe

The ending of Blue Beetle sets up several possibilities for the character’s future in the D.C. Universe.

  • Jaime Reyes is now a fully-fledged superhero. He has defeated his enemies, accepted his destiny, and vowed to use his powers to protect the innocent. This allows Jaime to appear in other D.C. projects, such as the Justice League or the Teen Titans.
  • Ted Kord is still alive. The post-credits scene of Blue Beetle reveals that Ted Kord, the previous Blue Beetle, is still alive. This is a significant twist, as it was previously believed that Ted had died. Ted’s return could significantly impact Jaime’s story, as he could become Jaime’s mentor and help him master his powers.
  • The Scarab is still a mystery. The Scarab is an alien artifact that gives Jaime his powers, but its origins and true purpose remain unknown. This could be explored in future installments of Blue Beetle, as Jaime could learn more about the Scarab and its capabilities.
  • The DC Universe is expanding. Blue Beetle is the first Latinx superhero to headline a live-action film in the D.C. Universe. This is a significant step forward for the franchise, showing that the D.C. Universe is becoming more diverse. The success of Blue Beetle could lead to more projects featuring Latinx superheroes.

The movie’s ending is a satisfying conclusion to Jaime’s journey as a superhero. He starts the movie as a reluctant hero but eventually learns to embrace his powers and responsibilities. He also understands the importance of family and friendship and realizes he can’t do it alone.

The ending also sets up Jaime’s future as Blue Beetle. He is now the protector of Palmera City and is ready to face whatever challenges come his way. He also has the support of his family and friends, who will always be there for him.

How Does Blue Beetle End? Does Jaime Reyes Defeat Victoria?
Elpidia Carrillo, Damián Alcázar, George Lopez, Xolo Maridueña, and Belissa Escobedo in Blue Beetle (2023) | Source: IMDb

5. What Blue Beetle’s ending means?

The real meaning of Blue Beetle’s ending is tied to the power of family. Jaime’s love for his family members is criticized early on by Carapax as making him weak. However, that could not be further from the truth. Jaime Reyes can be such a great superhero because of his family. He wants to save the day to protect them, but they also create an incredible support system for him.

Instead of Jaime’s family being seen as liabilities, Blue Beetle’s ending proves that Jaime’s love for his family and friends (and the world) is a strength and that being a superhero is his purpose.

Jaime also learns the importance of family and friendship. Jaime’s family and friends are always there for him, and they help him to become the superhero he is meant to be. They give him the strength and courage to face the challenges ahead.

The ending of the Blue Beetle movie is a hopeful one. It shows that even a young person can make a difference. Jaime Reyes is a relatable hero; his story will inspire people of all ages.

Only time will tell, but one thing is sure: Jaime Reyes is a superhero for the ages. He is a symbol of hope and inspiration and will continue to protect Palmera City and the world for many years.

6. About Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is an upcoming DC Superhero movie starring Xolo Maridueña as the titular character, directed by Angel Manuel Soto.

The movie will follow the journey of Jaime Reyes, a Mexican-American teenager who discovers an alien scarab giving him his superpowered armor.

The movie will release on August 18, 2023. It will be the fourteenth installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).



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