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Hololive Issues Apology for Uploading Unauthorized Videos

Virtual YouTubers or Vtubers are quite trendy nowadays. These Japanese speaking YouTubers with digital avatars bring in a vast audience by playing games or initiating reactions.

The most common practice among these AR generated avatars is to perform gameplay videos or sing with their kawaii voices.

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Streaming gameplay videos have copyright protections that creators must always follow. This creates a healthy ecosystem where videogame publishers have their games advertised, and YouTubers are able to generate revenue.

Kizuna AI, Kaguya Luna, and Nekomiya Hinata are popular Vtubers who offer a variety of content.

Cover Corp, Hololive’s parent company, issued an apology on their website on July 30 for streaming content without proper copyright permissions.

The company had received various notices about a breach of copyright law on their videos across YouTube channels.

The notified videos have either been removed or turned private to continue proper streaming across Hololive’s channels till the appropriate permissions are obtained. 

Fans of the platform are currently maintaining a chart of videos that have been hidden or removed.

Hololive stated, “This matter occurred due to our mismanagement and negligence. For causing these repeated inconveniences and concerns, we extend our deepest apologies to those who work with us, and to the fans.”

The company had previously apologized to Nintendo for failing to follow its streaming guidelines. 

Hololive Apologized for uploading unauthorized videos
Hololive | Source: Twitter

Cover Corp announced today that they have signed a contract with Nintendo and obtained permission to stream their games.

Cover Corp began the Hololive project back in 2017, and it’s currently contracted with close to 50 Vtubers. This list includes Tokino Sora, Shirakami Fubuki, and AZKi. The Virtual YouTuber Agency all over its channels holds a cumulative of 4.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 4 million on bilibili.

With the growing popularity of Vtubers, it has become imperative for companies to respect copyright permissions and maintain the system.

Source: Cover Corp Website

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