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Aniplex Original Horse-Racing Anime ‘Fanfare of Adolescence’ in Spring ’22

There is no such thing as too many sports anime. They stir up a whole other level of hype in people and any number of anime from the genre are much welcome. Recently the genre has been coming up with shows based on some underrated games, and the latest addition to the list is Fanfare of Adolescence.

Aniplex has announced its latest original anime with horse-riding and youth as its central themes. The story is based around three boys from completely different backgrounds but with the common passion of being a jockey.

The original anime Fanfare of Adolescence (Gunjou no Fanfare) by Aniplex announced its Spring 2022 premiere with a moving teaser.

Youth ensemble drama of boys aiming for a jockey at horse racing school

TV anime “# Ultramarine fanfare”

The broadcast started in the spring of 2022


Director #Makoto Kato

Character design #Hiro Kanzaki

Music #Hiroyuki Sawano

Animation production #Rayduce


#Shogo Yano

#Tsuchiya Shimba

#Natsuki Hanae

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The teaser starts with some live-action clips of horses, stables, and a school building while the characters’ monologues play in the background. The video then shows us two of the three protagonists of the anime, Yu Arimura, and Shun Kazanami.

The anime also unveiled three key visuals featuring the three main characters: Yu, Shun, and Amane Grace.

“# Ultramarine fanfare”

Character design #Hiro Kanzaki’s newly drawn character visuals have been released!

Yu Arimura CV. Shogo Yano

Shun Kazenami CV. Shimba Tsuchiya

Amane Grace CV. Natsuki Hanae

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The first visual features Amane who looks cold and distant, unlike Shun, who looks like the human version of sunlight. Yu Arimura has a look of immense determination in his eyes and is motivated to overcome any hindrances that occur.

The differences in their personalities are evident through these visuals, which makes it even more exciting. Moreover, the vast difference in their backgrounds has a significant impact on the plot as well.

Yu is a former idol who fell in love with horse racing after witnessing a match. Shun was brought up on an island and has always wanted to ride horses someday. 

Amane is someone who’s lost in the path of life that his parents set for him but longs to fulfill his dream. All three are ordinary 15-year-old boys with dreams in their hearts and hopes in their eyes, but only one will make it to the top.

Speaking of characters, the franchise also announced the cast for the upcoming anime, and we have it all here for you:

Character Cast Other Works
Yu ArimuraShougo YanoMafuyu Sato (Given)
Shun KazanamiShinba TsuchiyaShotaro Futaba (Bakuten!!)
Amane GraceNatsuki HanaeTanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)

The staff that will be working on the show was also announced:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorMakoto Katou Fire Force
Character DesignHiro KanzakiOreimo
Music Hiroyuki SawanoAttack on Titan
StudioLay-duceJujutsu Kaisen

Sports anime have always been my favorite due to the passion and thrill it holds, and I expect the same from this upcoming anime too.

I have high hopes that the show will portray the beauty of the sport in the most genuine way, and I am here for it all.

About Fanfare of Adolescence

Fanfare of Adolescence is an original anime series by Aniplex scheduled to debut in Spring 2022. It is an upcoming sports anime with horse-racing and youth as its main themes.

The story revolves around three 15-year-old boys with different backgrounds and personalities but with the same goal of becoming a jockey. Their adventure starts when the boys enter a prestigious horse-racing academy that is 10-20 times harder to get in.

Source: Fanfare of Adolescence Official Website

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