Chainsaw Man vs. Gun Devil vs. Control Devil: Who’s stronger?

Devils tend to be stronger than ordinary people due to their supernatural nature, however, not all devils are powerful creatures. Some devils such as the Chainsaw Devil, Gun Devil, and the Control Devil tend to be stronger than others and overpower the weaker ones.

While the Gun Devil and Control Devil’s powers are evident from the sheer number of human lives they have taken with minimum effort, the Chainsaw Man has showcased his prowess by slaughtering other powerful devils. 

Despite displaying almost the same levels of strength, Chainsaw Man is stronger than Gun Devil and Control Devil since he harnesses the power of Blood Devil and has the ability to erase the existence of both Gun Devil and Control Devil or any other devil for that matter.

Check out how Chainsaw Man, a mere devil hybrid, overpowers the two most notorious devils in the Chainsaw Man universe.

Gun Devil vs. Control Devil vs. Chainsaw Man

Let the imaginary fight in my mind begin!

1. What are Gun Devil’s strengths? 

Gun Devil embodies the fear of guns and hence, it can use multiple guns in its body to kill other people. Its flesh also has unique properties which help in the regeneration and enhancing powers of other devils.

  1. Bullets: Gun Devil’s scorched flesh which resembles a bullet can be consumed to enhance the powers of a devil. Various guns on its body can fire many bullets with high precision and speed, killing thousands at the same time.
  2. Rapid regeneration: It can heal any injuries inflicted on itself by attracting the pieces of its own flesh separated from its main body.
  3. Superhuman speed: It managed to kill 1.5 million people within 5 minutes due to its immense speed. Its movement is so fast that it ends up scorching its own body.
Chainsaw Man vs. Gun Devil vs. Control Devil: Who’s stronger?
Gun Devil | Source: Fandom

2. What are Control Devil’s strengths?

Control Devil might not be powerful by herself, but she has the ability to control other devils which makes her quite fearsome. She can also use lower life forms to enhance her own senses.

  1. Control over inferior life forms: She can control rats, birds, humans, or weaker devils to do her bidding and coerce them to enter into a contract with her.
  2. Immortality: Makima might not be immortal essentially, but her contract with the Prime Minister of Japan allows her to transfer her death to any citizen of Japan, making her nearly immortal.
  3. Enhanced senses: She can listen to remote conversations by controlling rats and birds. She has an acute sense of smell which allows her to differentiate different living beings as well.
  4. Force Attacks: By using the invisible force which exists around people, she crushes her opponents into a bloody splatter. She can also use this force as a gun to shoot her targets.
Chainsaw Man vs. Gun Devil vs. Control Devil: Who’s stronger?
Makima as Control Devil

3. What are Chainsaw Man’s strengths?

Chainsaw Man is a devil hybrid, hence he’s partly devil, unlike the Gun Devil and Control Devil. Despite being part-human, he can use his chainsaws to slash at his enemies, as well as erase their names from the consciousness of people after killing them.

  1. Chainsaws: Chainsaw Man can pop out chainsaws from his head and his arms to hack its opponents. He can also disconnect the chains from his chainsaws to restrict the movement of multiple opponents by tying them up. 
  2. Devil elimination: Chainsaw Man is the only living being in the Chainsaw Man universe who can eliminate a devil for good by erasing their physical and conceptual existence, preventing them from reincarnating in Hell after their death.
  3. Healing: Unlike other devils who need blood to heal, he can heal himself even without blood, as evident from the way Pochita healed himself by just using his heart.
Chainsaw Man vs. Gun Devil vs. Control Devil: Who’s stronger?
Chainsaw Man | Source: IMDb

4. Round 1: Gun Devil vs Control Devil 

Gun Devil definitely overpowers the Control Devil by using its superior strength and speed. This is evident from the battle between Makima and Gun Devil in the manga where the latter manages to kill her before she could react.

Makima does revive herself due to her contract with the Prime Minister of Japan during the Gun Devil arc and coerces the other weaker devils to destroy the Gun Devil. Though she manages to defeat Gun Devil, we must keep in mind that she’s only able to destroy 20 percent of its body.

If the entire 100 percent of Gun Devil’s body is deployed, then we can say for sure that Makima won’t be able to stand a chance against this terrifying devil, even if she uses her army of weaker devils.

Her force attacks are deadly for sure, but so far, it seems they have worked only on humans, not other devils.

5. Round 2: Control Devil vs Chainsaw Man

Makima can overwhelm the Chainsaw Man by sheer numbers since she can control other devils, devil hybrids, and lower life forms.

However, Chainsaw Man can easily overpower her by barrelling through her attacks using his durable body, immense healing power, and his devil erasure ability.

Even in the Control Devil arc, we had witnessed Denji getting barely overwhelmed by Makima’s minions. Using the blood chainsaw he had received through Power’s Blood Devil ability, he was able to halt her regeneration and kill her with ease.

Chainsaw Man vs. Gun Devil vs. Control Devil: Who’s stronger?
Chainsaw man against Control Devil’s puppets | Source: Fandom

6. Final Round: Chainsaw Man vs Gun Devil

Gun Devil is superior to Chainsaw Man when it comes to pure strength. Chainsaw Man’s chainsaws won’t be enough to deflect every bullet fired by Gun Devil, since their numbers are huge. 

Their speed might be the same, but Gun Devil was so strong that it managed to nearly defeat the Control Devil with just 20 percent of its body.

Chainsaw Man can defeat Gun Devil at 100 percent power. The former’s body can handle even atmospheric entry burns. So, he can withstand the pelting of Gun Devil’s bullets and heal. In comparison, Gun Devil has no defence against the devil erasure ability.

Chainsaw Man vs. Gun Devil vs. Control Devil: Who’s stronger?
Chainsaw Man in action | Source: Official Twitter

Is Chainsaw Man stronger than Darkness Devil?

Since Chainsaw Man can beat both Gun Devil and Control Devil, one might wonder: Can he beat a devil who encompasses a primal fear itself?

Darkness Devil is a primordial fear, which means its existence is as old as the creation of humanity. Chainsaw Man might have been able to give Darkness Devil a hard time, but he wasn’t able to defeat it since it’s an ancient fear which continues to grow with time.

For now, the Darkness Devil is stronger than Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man vs. Gun Devil vs. Control Devil: Who’s stronger?
Darkness Devil | Source: Fandom


Makima couldn’t overwhelm Chainsaw Man with her minions. She couldn’t control him with her Control Devil powers either.

Similarly, Chainsaw Man can survive Gun Devil’s bullets, as long as his heart is intact. He can even use Gun Devil’s scorching flesh to enhance his abilities.

In conclusion, Chainsaw Man’s devil erasure ability, his blood chainsaw, and his durable body are enough to overpower both Gun Devil and Control Devil, two of the most powerful devils in the world. 

Being part-human and part-devil while wielding the power of Blood Devil simultaneously gives him a unique versatility that no one else can possess, granting him an edge over his opponents.

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About Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto that was serialized from December 2018-2020 and returned in July 2022 with a second part. The series also received an anime series by MAPPA.

The manga’s plot revolves around Denji, an orphaned boy who has to work as a devil hunter to make a living and pay off his father’s debt.

However, his pet devil, Pochita is killed on a mission. Denji wakes up to realize he and Pochita have become a single being, Chainsaw Man. If he does not want to get killed, he has to join the government and continue hunting demons.

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