Guide to defeat the Jagged Peak Drakes in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

When you venture to the top of the Jagged Peak Mountain, you will have the option to battle the deadly Jagged Peak Drake dragons. Now, keep in mind, this is optional and you can just go straight to Bayle the Dread. This particular boss does not hold any relevance to the main storyline, but you can defeat it to grab some handsome rewards.

There are three Jagged Peak Drakes, one of which you can skip out on since it won’t drop any resources or weapons. The dragon deals fire and lightning damage. If you have already battled other bosses like Flying Dragon Agheel, Flying Dragon Greyll, and Ghostflame Dragon, this boss fight should be a cakewalk since they feature the same basic attacks.

Where is the Jagged Peak?

The Jagged Peak is quite clearly visible on the map. It is to the south of the Gravesite Plain. 

Go to the Castle Front Site of Grace by crossing the Ellac Greatbridge. Then, head south and keep going down the main path, past a Messmer Soldier camp. You will soon reach a Site of Grace. Take the path to your right where there should be a man in agony.

Ellac Greatbridge
Ellac Greatbridge | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Move past him. Be aware because an Ancient Dragon-Man will attack you. After defeating him, reach the end of the road and you will be standing at the entrance of the Dragon’s Pit. 

Go inside and look around for a large room with a pit and a chalice. Leap into the pit to go to the bottom. Here, you have to fight against another Ancient Dragon-Man. This is extremely important since he will give you the Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana, the key to slaying a dragon. 

After defeating him, leave the dungeon and the Jagged Peak stands tall in front of you. 

Jagged Peak
Jagged Peak | Source: In-Game Screenshot

How to beat a Jagged Peak Drake?

Beating a Jagged Peak Drake is fairly easy. You need a strong build consisting of the Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana and summon your trusty steed Torrent. 

Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana
Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Riding atop Torrent will allow you to easily navigate between its legs and also scale large distances to dodge an attack.

The dragon’s attacks are similar to the ones featured in Elden Ring but there are some new moves up its sleeve. The one attack which can be fatal is the lightning summon which can be easily avoided using Torrent. 

How to beat a Jagged Peak Drake?
How to beat a Jagged Peak Drake? | Source: In-Game Screenshot

The dragon might also charge and do a lunge forward, attempting to bite you. For this, you need to carefully time how you dodge this.

The mere seconds between attacks are valuable. So use them to inflict damage using Colossal/Bleed weapons. Ideally, lock on to one of its legs and keep hitting until it gives away.

How to beat a Jagged Peak Drake?
How to beat a Jagged Peak Drake? | Source: In-Game Screenshot

If possible, you can also hit the head which will cause significant damage. So here are your areas to target– legs, head and tail.

The Jagged Peak Drake does not have a lot of HP. In no time, you will be able to break its dominant stance and the dragon will be slain!


Jagged Peak Drake Boss Fight
Jagged Peak Drake Boss Fight | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Here’s the drop for defeating a Jagged Peak Drake:

  • 90,000 Runes
  • Dragon Heart

Exchange the Dragon Heart for a powerful Dragon-based Incantation at the Dragon Communion.

Obtain the Legendary Euporia Twinblade and Slay Foes with Ease – Elden Ring

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