Gotham Knights E1 Recap and Ending Explained

The verdict of the premiere episode of Gotham Knights is out! We have all been waiting for the release of the series since it was announced, with a mixture of eagerness and anxiety given the storyline of the series and DC’s recent track record, respectively. And fortunately, the pilot episode will have us sticking around for the superhero show.

Gotham City’s story continues in the aftermath of Batman’s death in CW’s Gotham Knights. There is an absence of vigilance without the Dark Knight, and the city is broiling with a new danger. Adapted from DC Comics, a new generation of teen heroes is rising, and an unexpected alliance is made as they work together to continue protecting the city.

In Gotham Knights E1, Batman’s son, Turner Hayes, and the children of his enemies are framed for his murder. They unexpectedly unite to solve the case and rescue themselves. A powerful organization in Gotham City, the Court of Owls, is coming to light and seems connected to the events.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Gotham Knights.

 1. Gotham Knights Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Gotham Knights E1 Recap and Ending Explained
Oscar Morgan as Turner in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Episode 1 showcases Batman’s murder, and his son and the children of his enemies are framed for it. They form an unlikely alliance to prove their innocence and start trying to solve the case. The Court of Owls is hinted to play a part in the events.

In the pilot episode of the much-awaited series Gotham Knights that released on March 14, 2023, Turney Hayes, Batman’s adopted son, takes up the role of the narrator. Batman is gone, and Turner reveals his insecurities as he wonders why he was the one chosen by Bruce Wayne for adoption. Turner’s birth parents were also murdered like Bruce’s.

The scene moves to a flashback where Turner throws a blowout party at home after a Fencing Tournament, having noticed his father’s absence. At the party, he and Carrie Kelley start hitting it off, and his caretaker, Cressida, and best friend, Stephanie, are introduced.

Moving to Wayne Tower, we see three thieves sneak into Bruce’s office and pick his vault. Though the vault had already been mostly emptied, it still held what they wanted: the .38-caliber gun used to kill Bruce’s parents. Duela, one of the young thieves, takes it, but the barrel is still warm, and they realize they are set up. Bruce Wayne is dead on the sidewalk below, and they are being framed for his murder.

Gotham Knights E1 Recap and Ending Explained
Gotham Knights features Turner Hayes, Duela, Cullen Row, Stephanie Brown, and Carrie Kelley

The thieving trio manages to escape the Gotham PD that infiltrates the scene. Back to Wayne Manor, Batman’s best friend and District Attorney, Harvey Dent, inform Turner of Bruce’s death and alias. Turner is shocked and goes into a rage, resulting in him and Stephanie discovering the Batcave.

The police catch up with the thieves, Duela, Cullen and Harper Row, who are the children of Batman’s enemies. Detective Ford and Harvey are not able to discover a convincing reason for their murdering Batman.

Events at school make Turner want to solve the murder without waiting for the PD to do it. Stephanie, a master hacker, finds out about multiple cash withdrawals under Turner’s name to the murderers. Before they can inform the police, Turner is already taken into police custody.

Ford is convinced that Turner is responsible for the crime. His attorneys also are no longer going to represent Turner. Turner is taken to the same cell as the trio, where they all get into a fight. As they are transported to another facility, Duela reveals that the fight was staged to steal the necessary items to remove the cuffs. They unite to prove their innocence and protect themselves from Bruce’s murderers.

The group is able to crash the truck to escape. However, Ford tries to shoot them, and they realize the PD is aiding the murderers and don’t care about them. Carrie, Batman’s former sidekick, saves them, and the group goes into hiding.

At their hideout, they discuss the watch Cullen stole from Ford and the coin from the crime scene that Harvey gave Turner. Both have the same symbol, which Duela recognizes as the symbol of the Court of Owls. In different locations at the end of the episode, Cressida is seen burning Bruce’s last will, and Ford is killed by a man entirely clad in black.

2. Gotham Knights Episode 1 Ending: What is the Court of Owls?

Gotham Knights E1 Recap and Ending Explained
Olivia Keegan as Duela in Gotham Knights

The ending of Episode 1 of Gotham Knights hints that a dangerous secret organization, the Court of Owls, owning Gotham City, is responsible for Bruce Wayne’s murder. Cressida, his butler, is somehow also involved. Turner, Duela, Harper, and Cullen are framed for the murder.

Turner Hayes, Bruce Wayne’s adopted son; Duela, the daughter of Joker; and Harper and Cullen Row, children of Batman’s enemy, are framed for his murder. They are taken into police custody for the same where they realize that the police are aiding and abetting the real murderers.

To the audience’s surprise, they unite and aim to solve the murder to prove their innocence and escape from the dangerous people behind it. In their attempts, they discover that the watch that Ford had and the coin Harvey retrieved from the scene of Bruce’s murder have the same mark. It is recognized to be the symbol of the Court of Owls.

The Court of Owls is a secret organization working underground in Gotham City. They are in charge of the entire city, and nobody knows about them. Anybody who does is unwilling to speak about them, and nobody dares to ask. They are similar to the same organization in the Gotham Knights game. In the comics, Batman does not know about this society until their assassins, Talons, come to kill him.

At the end of the episode, we see Ford killed by an assassin who could be a part of the Talons. Ford had claimed Bruce’s last will to be a reason why Turner would kill him, and we see Cressida burning Bruce Wayne’s last will, indicating that she is possibly not as innocent as we thought her to be.

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3. About Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by WB Games Montréal and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Inspired by the Batman: Gotham Knights comic series, the game focuses on Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood as they attempt to restore justice to Gotham City in the immediate aftermath of Batman’s death. While investigating Batman’s disappearance, the heroes go against the Court of Owls, a secret society and their legion of brainwashed assassins called Talons.

It is set to be released on October 21, 2022, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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