Gotham Knights Episode 8 Ending: Harvey Dent is in Trouble!

This week’s episode of Gotham Knights starts with a bang, as the team busts some muggers with a stash of weapons. 

Turner, Harper, and Cassie kick some butt and leave their mark on the crooks, while Cullen shows up late with the car. Cullen says he was checking the watch with the Court symbol he took from a dead cop, which had stopped working. 

The team finds out that all the watches with the Court symbol have stopped at different times, and they think it might be a clue from Joe Chill about where the Court is. Stephanie figures out that the times are actually coordinates for a secret meeting of the Court members, who might be planning something big after getting Thomas Wayne’s painting. 

Turner decides to go undercover to the meeting and find out what they are up to, even though the others don’t like it. The episode is filled with intriguing moments and the ending garnishes everything with a twist!

Gotham Knights 1x08 Promo "Belly of the Beast" (HD)
Gotham Knights 1×08 Promo “Belly of the Beast” (HD)

1. Stephanie’s Family Crisis

Gotham Knights Episode 8 Ending: Harvey Dent is in Trouble!
Gotham Knights

In episode 8, Stephanie has a hard time dealing with her drug-addicted mother, who keeps getting worse despite her care. She gets a call from a pharmacy that her mother has been using her name to get drugs. 

Enraged, Stephanie goes to her father, a famous quiz show host, for help, but he doesn’t want to help because he cares more about his image. 

Going home, she dumps her mom’s ‘supplies,’ making her go crazy. 

Her father comes home and blames Stephanie for everything instead of facing the truth. It looks like Stephanie will soon leave her parents for good.

2. Harvey’s Dilemma

Gotham Knights Episode 8 Ending: Harvey Dent is in Trouble!
Gotham Knights

Lincoln March survives Talon’s attack and discovers that his wife Rebecca is cheating on him with Harvey Dent. He tells the media that Turner Hayes and his team are the ones who tried to kill him and blames Harvey for letting them go.

Harvey hides Cressida from the Court and gets a call from Rebecca. She is afraid that Lincoln will hurt her for her affair. Harvey goes to see her and comes back to find Cressida gone.

He sees a tape recorder in the room and plays it. It plays Mozart’s Fantasia, the same music that made him go crazy in Gotham Knights episode 5, and his split personality emerges in a painfully touching sequence.

This is a thrilling story of secrets, lies, and madness. Lincoln March is out for revenge against his wife and Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent is losing his mind to his other self. Cressida is missing and in danger. What will happen next?

3. Turner and Duela in the Court Meet-Up Fiasco

Gotham Knights Episode 8 Ending: Harvey Dent is in Trouble!
Gotham Knights

Turner is determined to uncover the Court’s secret, even though his teammates warn him not to. He and Duela wear owl masks made by Cullen and pretend to be a couple to get into the Court’s meeting. 

There, they see a map that shows where to find Electrum, a rare substance that can make someone immortal. The Court wants to use it to rule Gotham forever. 

Turner and Duela grab the map and try to escape, but they see Cressida about to be killed by Talon for betraying the Court. Turner saves her and tells Duela to go back to their base with the map.

He runs away with Cressida and asks her why she did what she did. She says that Bruce, Turner’s father, knew about the Court’s plan and wanted to give his money to the poor of Gotham to stop them, but she burned his will before anyone could see it. 

The Court hates Bruce for leaving them and trying to help the city. Before she can say more, she is killed by the Court’s leader, and the Court takes Turner as a prisoner.

Turner risks everything to expose the Court’s evil plot and honor his father’s legacy. But he faces a deadly enemy that will stop at nothing. Will he survive and save Gotham?

4. The Intriguing Ending

Gotham Knights Episode 8 Ending: Harvey Dent is in Trouble!
Harvey’s Nightmare

Gotham Knights episode 8 leaves us breathless as Harvey wakes up in a nightmare. He’s in the Court’s lair, wearing a bloody owl mask and covered in someone else’s gore. 

The Court has captured Gotham’s White Knight, and they’re ready to tear down the city’s social order. But that’s not all. They’ve also kidnapped Turner Hayes, Bruce Wayne’s last descendant, and have sinister plans for him. 

The Court’s leader is none other than Lincoln March, who wants to use Turner to boost his chances of becoming the mayor and ruling Gotham with an iron fist. 

Can the team save Turner and stop the Court before it’s too late? Find out in the next thrilling episode of Gotham Knights!

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5. About Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is an American superhero television series developed by Natalie Abrams, Chad Fiveash, and James Stoteraux for the CW. Based on the DC Comics, it premiered on March 14, 2023 and follows Turner Hayes, Batman’s adopted son and his allies in the aftermath of Batman’s death.

The series features an unexpected alliance between Turner; the children of Batman’s enemies, Harper and Cullen Row; Duela; Batman’s former sidekick, Carrie Kelley; and a coder, Stephanie Brown. The group races to clear Turner’s name of Batman’s murder and to defeat the nefarious force rising up in Gotham City.

The shows stars Oscar Morgan, Olivia Rose Keegan, Navia Robinson, Fallon Smythe, Tyler DiChiara, Anna Lore, Rahart Adams and Misha Collins among others.

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