Gotham Knights E2: CW Show Changes Key Details about Batman’s Origins

Batman, one of DC Comics’ favorite characters, has had his story repeatedly told throughout comics, games, movies, and shows. His origins remained constant even when his story changed from adaptation to adaptation. Bruce Wayne takes the way of a vigilante to ensure no one else bears the grief he felt the night Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered.

CW’s new DC show opened its premiere night with the murder of The Bat, but now episode 2 reveals that the death of Bruce Wayne was not the only leap it took away from the comics. Bruce’s ward sneaks into the manor with Robin to steal his father’s journals to prove his innocence and find his father’s killer.

What he finds comes as a shock to both him and the show’s viewers! Bruce Wayne’s first journal revealed that the young vigilante believed his parents’ murder was not the result of a failed robbery but was actually an assassination. 

Gotham Knights E2: CW Shows Changes Key Detail of Batman's Origins
Bruce Wayne Loses His Parents

The journal entry which Turner happened upon was one of the last journals Bruce read before his death. To quote Wayne Sr., “Joe Chill may have pulled the trigger, but he didn’t orchestrate the murder. The Court of Owls did.” 

His other journals didn’t give Turner any leads on the mysterious society, but it can’t be a coincidence that Batman’s corpse held a coin in his palm with the familiar emblem of the cult. 

If the Court of Owls had reason to kill the Waynes, they could have easily pinned his father’s murder on Turner to take the last Wayne out of the way without getting their hands dirty.

Gotham Knights E2: CW Shows Changes Key Detail of Batman's Origins
Batman VS The Court of Owls

Some comics have hinted this route, painting the robbery as a stage for the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents under the order of The Court of Owls. But Gotham Knights has taken the plunge to actually confirm it in their story, even if they’ve not given enough proof that the evil society was behind Bruce’s murder as well.

Though the alteration is unprecedented, it does make the show unique. It remains to be seen how far the show will push its creative freedoms.

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About Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is an American superhero television series developed by Natalie Abrams, Chad Fiveash, and James Stoteraux for the CW. Based on the DC Comics, it premiered on March 14, 2023 and follows Turner Hayes, Batman’s adopted son and his allies in the aftermath of Batman’s death.

The series features an unexpected alliance between Turner; the children of Batman’s enemies, Harper and Cullen Row; Duela; Batman’s former sidekick, Carrie Kelley; and a coder, Stephanie Brown. The group races to clear Turner’s name of Batman’s murder and to defeat the nefarious force rising up in Gotham City.

The shows stars Oscar Morgan, Olivia Rose Keegan, Navia Robinson, Fallon Smythe, Tyler DiChiara, Anna Lore, Rahart Adams and Misha Collins among others.

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