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Girls Face-Off Boys’ Soccer Team in New Trailer of Farewell, My Dear Cramer Anime Film

Farewell, My Dear Cramer tells the tales of talents that stand out so much that they are left to die. This upcoming anime film aims to combine talent, passion, and hard work into a moving tale about those who prize soccer above everything else.

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Although Farewell, My Dear Cramer starts with Sumire Suo and Midori Soshizaki as the main characters, soon it branches out to a plethora of people involved in the sport. Sports anime fans will really have a treat this year!

Farewell, My Dear Cramer, the anime film, will premiere on 11th June in Japanese theatres. A brand-new trailer has also been released for the upcoming film!

『映画 さよなら私のクラマー ファーストタッチ』第2弾本予告
Official Trailer of Farewell. My Dear Cramer

The trailer shows some intense soccer matches. Nozomi Onda will and her team will be playing against a boys’ team in the anime. Each player has their own reason for being involved in the sport and the film beautifully portrays that. 

The future of the girls’ team depends on this single match. The girls’ capabilities will be fully acknowledged only after they put up a good fight against the boys.

Naoshi Arakawa, the mangaka of Farewell, My Dear Cramer, has drawn a beautiful illustration for the anime film!

New poster visual release ⚽️ Original: Using visuals drawn by Naoshi Arakawa ✨ “Movie Goodbye My Clammer First Touch” New poster visual release ❗️ It will be posted at the theaters nationwide from today, please have a look at the theater 🎶 Released on June 11 ⚽️ #Goodbye my clammer

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The new visual shows Sumire Suo and members of the boys’ soccer team. She will eventually face them in an upcoming match.

Aika Kobayashi sings “Can you sing along?” the insert song of the movie that has been featured in the trailer.

An anime adaptation of the original manga premiered on 4th April. A gigantic cast list has been revealed for the anime series and the same voice actors will reprise their roles in the film.

The film adapts the prequel manga, Sayonara, Football. Junior high schooler, Nozomi Onda, is the main character in the film. With both an anime and a film premiering, anime fans are sure to have a blast!

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About Farewell, My Dear Cramer

Naoshi Arakawa’s Farewell, My Dear Cramer is a manga about women’s association football. It is the main series to the prequel, Sayonara, Football.

The plot follows Nozomi Onda, as she goes to junior high school and faces even tougher challenges as a girl soccer player. Her rival, Midori offers her to join the same team. She meets other girls who are also equally talented at the sport.

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