Gintama’s Infamous Spinoff ‘Ginpachi Sensei’ Gets its Own Anime

The ‘official’ ‘Gintama’ anime might have ended its run in 2021 with its final film, but no one said spinoffs were off the table too. The announcement of a brand-new anime has stirred the Gintama fandom once again.

You might remember the highly inappropriate Ginpachi sensei and the shorts featuring the troublesome class filled with delinquents.

‘3-Nen Z-Gumi Ginpachi-Sensei’, the spinoff novel series stemming from Gintama, is set to receive a new anime adaptation. The release date and format of the anime are yet to be confirmed.

This wonderful news came accompanied by a hilarious trailer where you can see Gintoki and Ginpachi sensei in a battle of wits.


The small trailer packs a heavy punch with the classic Gintoki deadpan face and the relentless parody of other anime. The latest victims of the parodies are Spy x Family and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Nonetheless, the video’s highlight was the look of utter devastation on Gintoki’s face when he realized a pesky teacher had snatched his spotlight. (Ignoring the fact that it’s also him.)

‘3-Nen Z-Gumi Ginpachi-sensei’ is actually a part of Gintama’s 20th Anniversary. Different projects will be launched until 2026 to commemorate its serialization and anime adaptation.

Gintama’s Infamous Spinoff ‘Ginpachi Sensei’ Gets its Own Anime
Gintama’s 20th Anniversary Illustration by Yuki Nakamura | Source: Official Twitter

Hideaki Sorachi and Tomohito Ousaka’s four-volume novel is ready to take off, but we are yet to know whether it will be a proper anime or just short episodes.

After overcoming my initial surprise at the trailer in my YouTube feed, I soon realized that the magic of Gintama hasn’t left us yet. Let’s hope that Sorachi sensei will keep surprising us years down the road.

About Gintama

The story is set in an alternate-history late-Edo period, where humanity is attacked by aliens called ‘Amanto.’ Edo Japan’s samurai fight to defend Earth, but the shōgun cowardly surrenders when he realizes the aliens’ power.

He agrees to an unequal contract with the aliens, placing a ban on carrying swords in public and allowing the invaders to enter the country.

The samurai’s swords are confiscated, and the Tokugawa bakufu becomes a puppet government.

The series focuses on an eccentric samurai, Gintoki Sakata, who works as an odd-jobs freelancer. Although the story is mostly episodic, a few story arcs and recurring antagonists develop.

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