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Fantasia Sango RPG’s Anime Adaptation Reveals January 2022 Release Date

After its RPG made a smash-hit debut, Fantasia Sango is now well on its way to receiving an anime series. Studio Geek Toys has taken the responsibility of animating the franchise’s characters to life.

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Drawing on the stories of China’s Three Kingdoms era, Fantasia Sango has the potential to please all history buffs out there.

Gensou Sangokushi: Tengen Reishinki, the anime adaptation of Fantasia Sango, will be released on January 10, 2021.

Fantasia Sango RPG's Anime Adaptation Reveals January 2022 Release Date
Fantasia Sango | Source: Funimation

The anime was previously slated for an October 2021 debut but was delayed due to “various circumstances.” The production committee has commented that they are making final adjustments to deliver better work.

The anime’s plot depends on China’s famous Three Kingdoms era but doesn’t completely focus on the tales spun during those times. Rather it focuses on how the constant conflict could draw the attention of another evil king.

Of course, we also have supernatural fantasy elements added in the already confusing mixture, because why not?

Fantasia Sango has already sold over two million copies, so I hope the success extends to its anime as well. Although anime and games are poles apart, I think the dynamic characters of the franchise will do well when animated.

Staff members of the anime have already been revealed. The opening theme song, “Enishi,” is being performed by Machico.

Fantasia Sango RPG's Anime Adaptation Reveals January 2022 Release Date
Fantasia Sango | Source: Official Website

Although no streaming websites have claimed the series yet, I’m sure that fans will be rewarded with watching options soon. Fantasia Sango is a popular and loved game, and its upcoming anime will be received with equal enthusiasm.

About Fantasia Sango

It is a role-playing video game series developed by UserJoy Technology, set in the Three Kingdoms era of China. The story follows an organization known as Tengen which fights against the Mouryou King, the monstrous sovereign of evil spirits, and his plans to prolong the war.

The franchise is set to release its first anime adaptation in 2021.

Source: Fantasia Sango Official Website

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