Genshin Impact’s Genius Invokation TCG mode gets new features in ver 3.7

Genius Invokation TCG is one of the permanent game modes in Genshin Impact that was introduced in Version 3.3. This is primarily a card game with rewards for PvE mode.

Genshin Impact’s version 3.7 emphasizes Tevyat’s growing interest in Genius Invokation TCG in “Duel! A Summoner’s Summit.” Per the official announcement, the official Card Plaza online tool has been updated with edit, share, and quick view for the decks. Images of the deck can also be generated and uploaded to YouTube.

This means that the fans of the mode can study other players’ Genius Invokation TCG strategies and hone their own skills. A new section was also added called “Popular Tags,” displaying the most popular Genshin Impact character cards and decks.

If a player is interested in a particular Genius Invokation TCG deck, it’s as simple as clicking on the tag to view the contents. The cards can also be previewed in Card Plaza for future decks.

The new character, Kirara, a sword-wielding Dendro power user, will be added in addition to the 4-star Ibis Piercer Bow. A main story quest will also be available based on specific criteria.

Genshin Impact’s Genius Invokation TCG mode gets new features in ver 3.7
Additions to the main story of the Genius Invokation TCG mode as per the changelog

The servers were down for maintenance for five hours from 24th May, and the players with an adventure rank of 5 or above got 300 Primogems as compensation.

The developers have also mentioned that they are looking for potential issues that might crop up. They are encouraging players to raise issues that they face.

Thus, the tool will likely receive more updates alongside future Genshin Impact updates. With version 3.8 wrapping up the story in Sumeru and a move to Fontaine imminent, a host of new cards will surely be added to the Genius Invokation TCG mode soon.

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