Genshin Impact announces next Genius Invocation TCG tournament


  • HoYoverse has announced a new season of Genshin Impact’s Genius Invocation TCG event called Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup.
  • Players will be divided into two regions– Atlantic and Pacific. Registrations are currently open until April 15th.
  • Each regional tournament will have a prize pool of $60K which will be divided between the top 32 players.

Genshin Impact events are a colorful affair with fun competitions, challenges, and rewards. Along with the upcoming update 4.6, there’s something in store for fans. Gear up for the Genius Invocation TCG tournament!

In a recent tweet, HoYoverse has announced the next season of Genius Invocation TCG event titled Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup. The tournament will be more magnificent and more exciting with thrilling duels.

Players will be divided into two competition zones– Atlantic and Pacific. Each regional tournament will feature a prize pool of $60,000. Registrations for the Wild Card competition are currently open. You can get a chance to qualify for the new season and earn bonus rewards.

The tournament will be held from April 26th until 28th in the Atlantic region and from May 17th until 19th in the Pacific region. Registrations will be open until April 15th. You can head over to HoYoLab to register.

The zones are divided as such:

  • Atlanta– Europe, America
  • Pacific– Asia, HK/MO/TW

Here’s the eligibility criteria:

  1. Player Level is at least 7
  2. Have at least 15 Character Cards
  3. Must be at least 18 years old
  4. After successfully submitting your application, follow the prompts to join the corresponding competition zone’s Discord Channel.

Genius Invocation TCG is a gameplay mode in Genshin Impact. It was introduced back in 2022. Last year, Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup was held with a community tournament called Cat’s Tail Gathering. The top 24 players from the latter will participate in this year’s tournament.

If you are not competing in the Astra Carnival, you can stream all matches on X, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. However, it would be wise to try out your luck. Who knows, you might end up winning!

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