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Funimation is Issuing DMCA Notices to Shut Down Piracy Anime Apps

Funimation has been trying to form a monopoly in the anime streaming industry for a long time now. Apart from taking other legal streaming platforms under its brand, the company has started dealing with a trickier problem.

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Illegal streaming or pirate apps have been a constant problem for anime creators. It may provide users with free anime, but it takes away so much more from the ones who put effort into making it.

These apps have been taking away the proper credit and pay of those who create anime. In turn, these creators are then significantly underpaid while the piracy apps get away with it.

Funimation has stepped in and is now issuing DMCA notices to all the piracy anime apps, shutting them down. Some of the apps like AnimeGlare and Taiyaki have been shut down or stopped further developments.

More apps like Shiro, Kamyroll, and Yukino have also stopped all activity and developments after receiving the notices. These services no longer will be streaming anime now.

Funimation recently acquired Crunchyroll from AT&T and is now taking out the last straw that stands in the way of creating a monopoly.

While this may make the company sound like an evil, tyrannical dictator, it might be better for the workers in the anime industry.

Due to illegal apps and websites to stream anime, the studios and staff don’t get the deserved pay as many people use pirated services. This results in them getting gravely underpaid even though so many people watch anime worldwide.

Funimation, Disney, Crunchyroll, and Netflix have been against these for a long time, and stricter action is now being taken.

Funimation is Issuing DMCA Notices to Shut Down Piracy Anime Apps
Eureka Seven | Source: Funimation

While I understand that not everyone can pay for these services, it’s also wrong to underpay the people creating the content you love.

Now we don’t know whether Funimation is doing it for their motives or out of genuine concern for the anime industry. The one who will be affected is the anime community.

Streaming platforms have been investing a lot into anime now to give their users the best experience. But they tend to forget that not everyone can pay for their services which might get a bit expensive depending on the region.

I am still not sure if this is a good initiative or even right, but let’s see what happens in the future.

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