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‘More Than a Married Couple’ Anime Will Be Out In October 2022

Gyaru Akari Watanabe and introverted gamer Jiro Yakuin are More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers. How’s that possible? Because of a school project, of course.

Schools in anime do everything except academics, and the one in this story pairs classmates to act like a married couple for good grades. Jiro and Akari get saddled up with each other instead of their crushes and will now have to pretend like a lovey-dovey couple to rank up and change partners.

I already know that all of you rom-com junkies are waiting on a release date. The franchise hasn’t revealed a specific date, but the anime ‘More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers’ is scheduled for an October debut.

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Official website

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The visual accompanying the announcement features Jiro and Akari and their respective crushes, Shiori Sakurazaka and Minami Tenjin.

To make things more interesting, Shiori and Minami get paired for the married couple project, much to the chagrin of the protagonists. This motivates Jiro and Akari to work harder, as the top rank will allow them to switch partners.

After knowing this, anyone would be curious about their voice actors, so here you go:

CharactersCastOther Works
Akari WatanabeSaori ŌnishiHisato Arato (Food Wars!)
Jirō YakuinSeiichirō YamashitaRaiden Shuga (86)
Shiori SakurazakaSaki MiyashitaSiesta (The Detective Is Already Dead)
Minami TenjinToshiki MasudaEijirō Kirishima (My Hero Academia)

Since all rom-coms are incomplete without some sweet, catchy music, the franchise has also disclosed the theme song details. The opening theme is ‘TRUE FOOL LOVE.’ by Liyuu, and the ending song is ‘Stuck on you.’ by Nowlu.

'More Than a Married Couple' Anime Will Be Out In October 2022
More Than a Married Couple (COVER) | Source: Crunchyroll

Both songs will debut in November, so we’ll have to wait before they get added to our playlists.

About More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers

More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers is a manga by Yūki Kanamaru. It was launched in the Young Ace magazine in 2018. 

Nirou is a gamer and Akari is a gyaru. Both are classmates but don’t like each other. They are forced to live together like a couple during their school’s marriage training program.

Their only way to escape is to fake their act so that they can get good ranks and change partners.

Source: More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers Anime’s Official Website

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