Anime Debut of ‘Frieren’ Dramatically Increases its Manga Sales


  • ‘Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End’ has seen a significant boost in manga circulation after the anime debut.
  • The series now has 17 million copies in circulation.
  • The story focuses on an immortal elf, Frieren, and how she deals with the death of her loved ones.

‘Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End’ is a fantastic series that deals with themes of life and death. It is a subtle and poignant series that managed to attract the attention of many fans.

The manga series received many awards and accolades, and it was remarkably popular. After the anime series was released in September, the sales of the manga increased to a great extent.

The official Twitter account for Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End announced that the manga has added 7 million copies to circulation since the anime’s debut. The manga now has over 17 million copies in circulation.

The 7 million increased copies refer to the ones in circulation and not specifically those sold. The count denotes the overall quantity of printed Frieren manga volumes.

Frieren has been doing well and has taken the top spot among the anime released this season. Fans are raving about the series and how it beautifully deals with some more sensitive topics.

It’s no surprise that the fans are now picking up the manga to experience the story faster.  The anime’s first season will have 28 episodes, covering around 6 manga volumes until the ‘First Class Mage Exam – Final Stage Arc.’

The manga currently has 11 volumes; however, the eleventh volume has not received an English translation yet. The eleventh volume focuses on Frieren being reunited with the Hero Party after she is sent back to the past. The latest 12th volume will be released around December 18th.

The manga becomes increasingly attractive as the story progresses. So, pick up a volume and start reading before season 2 gets greenlit.

About Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is a manga by Yamada and Tsukasa Abe. It was launched in April 2020, and went on to win several prizes.

The story starts when a group of heroes come back home after defeating a demon. Frieren, an elf mage, has hundreds of years ahead of her due to her long lifespan.

She is destined to lose all her friends and comrades eventually. However, at the funeral of one of her past comrades, she realizes that she has a new adventure ahead of her.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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