Five Enough Ending Explained

I have always chosen K-Drama with care because it meant devoting at least one hour per episode of the series most of the time. And most of the K-Dramas have umpteen episodes. 

When I began watching Five Enough (Korean: 아이가 다섯; lit. Five Children), I did it out of compulsion from my fellow K-Drama watchers. Since there were 56 episodes to watch in my life that had suddenly gotten hectic, I didn’t think it would be worth it. But, when the end credits of the series of the 56th episode scrolled up my screen, I knew that the binge-watch had been more than worth it.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Five Enough.

With adorable characters, and a beautiful story of second chances in finding love, Five Enough struck a happy chord in me. Seeing Sang-tae and Mi-jung finally as a family of seven and actively looking after everyone was a beautiful scene to watch. And the comedy that has been actively woven into the script brings the characters even closer to us. Seeing everyone finally get their happy endings left my heart so full and hopeful.

Five Enough is a Korean drama that is filled with hope and love. The series remains a happy family drama until the end, giving the characters their ‘happily ever afters.’ The show provides a peaceful and feel-good finale that leaves the audience content and happy.

1. What happens to Sang-tae and Mi-jung in the finale of Five Enough? 

Five Enough Ending Explained
Lee Sang-tae and Ahn Mi-jung

In the final episode of Five Enough, Ahn Mi-jung undergoes surgery because of a gastric adenoma. Lee Sang-tae remained by her side, and both their parents cared for her throughout her recovery.

Due to Mi-jung’s gastric problems and on the insistence of Sang-tae, they visit the hospital and have an endoscopy done. Sang-tae is very worried for his wife, and so are his parents, as her symptoms are similar to Sang-tae’s late wife’s. Mi-jung, however, remains mostly unaffected by the situation and does not believe it will be anything serious.

After her results have arrived at the hospital, the doctor says that she has a gastric adenoma. All our hearts go into overdrive as we impatiently wait to hear more and have our fingers crossed. Sang-tae also has a minor scare. The relief on his face is evident once the doctor announces that it is a minor problem that can be easily removed with laparoscopic surgery. Mi-jung is also happy, and the family is relieved. 

Mi-jung undergoes surgery, and with the help of Sang-tae’s parents and hers too, she recovers in no time. They are able to enjoy the rest of their vacation to the maximum with the children.

2. What happens to Tae-min and Jin-joo in Five Enough finale?

Five Enough Ending Explained
Kim Tae-min and Jang Jin-joo

Kim Tae-min and Jang Jin-joo remain together and somehow overcome his parents’ opposition. Tae-min and Jin-joo talk and resolve the conflict, and they decide to get married in three years.

Tae-min, even after Jin-joo tells him goodbye, exercises with her family. He also wishes to make time for the same even after school starts, and his life gets hectic. He loves spending time with her family. 

Jin-joo’s father tells her to go down to exercise as Tae-min must be waiting below. Jin-joo, without having any other choice, tries to hide from Tae-min, but he catches her. They talk about his family’s opposition to them being together and about their jobs and openly confess that the opportunity to stay together is most important to them. 

They decide to get married in three years, as they will be financially capable by then. Tae-min promises that they will elope if his mother does not agree to her being his wife in three years. 

Jin-joo’s family is all support for their relationship and tries to get Tae-min’s mother to like her. And they finally succeed. Jin-joo and Tae-min continue to do their respective jobs. Jin-joo is planning to open her own salon as it is her dream in the finale.

3. What happens to Sang-min and Yeon-tae in Five Enough finale?

Five Enough Ending Explained
Kim Sang-min and Lee Yeon-tae

Kim Sang-min and Lee Yeon-tae get married in the final episode of Five Enough. Sang-min accepts a modeling deal with Fantom, Sang-tae’s, and Mi-jung’s company.

An enemies-to-lovers arc, Sang-min’s and Yeon-tae’s relationship has us all go aww. Having gradually fallen in love, the pair get married in the series finale. They give us the first love-happy-ending vibes.

Yeon-tae is able to convince Sang-min to continue modeling with Fantom. Sang-min, who knows that Yeon-tae only wishes for what’s good for him, accepts the endorsement deal.

4. What happens to Ho-tae and Soon-yeong in Five Enough finale?

Five Enough Ending Explained
Lee Ho-tae and Mo Soon-yeong

Lee Ho-tae has completed acting in a great drama and has received a contract as the head director. His dreams are finally coming true. He gets the Best Director’s Award and dedicates it to his wife and son.

Ho-tae has made a good drama as an actor but is passionate about his dream of being a director and wishes to fulfill it now. He does not share the same passion for acting and instead has a distaste for it. To his surprise and happiness, he receives a contract to be the Head Director. He sheds happy tears about the same and agrees to the contract.

Towards the end of the 56th episode, he is seen to have received the Best Director Award at the Asian Film Festival. His family sees him receiving the award on-screen. In his speech, he dedicates the award primarily to his wife, Mo Soon-yeong, and also to his son. 

5. What happens to the characters in Five Enough finale?

Five Enough Ending Explained
Poster of Five Enough series

Five Enough sticks to its theme of being a happy family drama until the very end and earns the appreciation and trust of the audience. The families all join to become an even bigger family, and all the characters get their happy endings.

Lee Sang-tae and Ahn Mi-jung are getting used to being married again and having a large family. They constantly put in all their efforts to be a proper family and true parents. The children all get along well and see each other as their own siblings.

Jang Min-ho, Park Ok-soon (Sang-tae’s late wife’s parents), Lee Shin-wook, Oh Mi-sook (Sang-tae’s parents), and Jang Soon-ae, Yoon Woo-young (Mi-jung’s parents) all are happy with the marriage and family and spend a lot of time with their grandchildren. 

Everything turns out well for everyone in the series and gives us hope and faith in love.

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6. About Five Enough

Five Enough (also known as Five Children or Five Kids) is a 2016 South Korean family drama television series. It aired on KBS2 from February 20 to August 21, 2016, for 54 episodes. It was written by Jung Hyun-jung and Jung Ha-na and directed by Kim Jung-gyu. 

The series stars Ahn Jae-wook, So Yoo-jin, Shim Hyung-tak, Shim Yi-young, Im Soo-hyang, Shin Hye-sun, Sung Hoon, and Ahn Woo-yeon.

The story is about four pairs of lovers and their families. The main couple is Lee Sang-tae, a widower with two children, and Ahn Mi-jung, a divorcee with three children. The show follows them as they fall in love, get married, and figure out how to raise all five of their children together while dealing with their overbearing parents.

The three other couples are Lee Yeon-tae and Kim sang-min, Jang Jin-joo, and Kim Tae-min, and Lee Ho-tae and Mo Soon-young. 

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