First Look at Intel’s Arc A750 GPU Featuring 8-pin and 6-pin Power Connectors

A750 is one of the higher-end GPUs that Intel is releasing in its Arc Alchemist lineup this year. The card hadn’t seen much spotlight as it constantly gets overshadowed by the flagship A780 and the bottom-end A380.

A video from GamersNexus showcases the A750, which marks the first time Intel has showcased its A750 in public. Tom Petersen and Ryan Shrout from Intel visited Gamers Nexus studio to talk about the new Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards and overviewed the Arc desktop series, including product stack explanation and the state of the driver development.

Earlier, we had seen leaked images of a GPU at IEM 2022, which was speculated to be either A770 or A780. It turns out it was actually an A750 desktop GPU which was not equipped with the full ACM-G10 GPU as speculated. The A750 model in the video had a ‘Limited Edition’ tag on it, although we aren’t entirely sure what it means.

Unfortunately, the specifications of the A750 were not confirmed by Intel employees. The company representatives have only said that the launch of these cards is ‘sooner than we think.’ The product name suggests it is a cut-down ACM-G10 GPU, most likely with 24 Xe-Cores paired with 12GB of GDDR6 memory.

First Look at Intel’s Arc A750 GPU Featuring 8-pin and 6-pin Power Connectors
Arc A750

We also saw a side-view of the A750 GPU that shows the location of the two power connectors, 8-pin and 6-pin. Such configuration could theoretically deliver up to 225W plus an additional 75W through the PCI-Express slot.

Tom Petersen and Ryan Shrout also went through the entry-level A380 model, which has been somewhat of a disappointment as it provides lower performance levels than older entry-level GPUs.

They also went over how the Arc GPUs will fit in the market and reviewed the ACM-G10 and ACM-G11 GPUs.

They also told more about Engineering challenges, Power consumption, Overclocking, the architecture of Xe cores, and the block diagram of the GPUs.

We still don’t know the entire Arc lineup, as there are still rumors about an A780 and A310. The pricing of these Intel GPUs is still a mystery as the Intel employees confirmed that the A380 will cost around $129-$139 when it arrives in the US market.

 RUMORED Intel ARC Alchemist Desktop Series SpecificationsGPUXe CoresMemory SizeMemory BusMSRP
Arc A770ACM-G103216GB GDDR6256-bitTBC
Arc A750ACM-G102412GB GDDR6192-bitTBC
Arc A580ACM-G10168GB GDDR6128-bitTBC
Arc A380ACM-G1186GB GDDR696-bit$129-$139
Arc A310ACM-G1144GB GDDR664-bitTBC

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