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Fight Handsome Vampires in Mars Red’s New Smartphone Game Coming Soon

Based in an alternate 1923 Japan, Mars Red’s story is about that one bloodthirsty supernatural beast that everyone seems to have a liking for: Vampires. When Japan is threatened with increasing numbers of vampires, the Government appoints a new task force to eradicate their existence.

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Believe it or not, Mars Red’s was first introduced by Bun-O Fujisawa who wrote this story for a dramatic stage play back in 2013. Now years later, while we fans are waiting for the release of Mars Red the anime on 5th April, the franchise is getting ready for a smartphone game.

Mars Red’s new smartphone game titled “MARS RED: Kawataredoki no Uta (Daybreak Poem)” is currently in development under D-techno.

The new smartphone game “MARS RED-Heha Who Toki no Uta-” will be released! In addition to the original story written by Bun’o Fujisawa and the five members of the Zero Organization, the main character of Ori-chara, Hachifusa Yuki (CV. #Yuichi Nakamura ) also makes an appearance.

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As per the game’s official website, MARS RED: Kawataredoki no Uta will be completely free to play besides a few in-apps purchases available.

Fujisawa himself is writing an original story for the game based on Mars Red characters. Characters like Shotarou, Takeuchi, and Suwa will be playable in the game and the anime’s voice cast will the reprising their roles in MARS RED: Daybreak Poem as well.

Fight Handsome Vampires in Mars Red’s New Smartphone Game
Mars Red | Source: Official Website

Now, coming back to the anime, Mars Red will be released on April 5th at 25:59 on YTV. Channels like Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, and Chukyo TV will air the episodes. Funimation will also be streaming the anime from April 5th.

The game just might be the perfect pastime for us anime lovers!

About Mars Red

Marsh red is Historical, Shounen vampire manga written by Bun-O Fujisawa and illustrated by Kemuri Karakara that began serialization in Mag Garden’s Monthly Comic Garden from January 4, 2020.

Mars Red published its first compiled volume on May 29.

The story is based in 1923, Japan. In the 12th year of Taisho, vampires who live in the darkness off of human blood appeared in Tokyo at night.

In response to this threat, the Japanese government creates The 16th Special Task Force, commonly known as the “Zero Agency,” inside the Army to take them down.

Vice Admiral Nakajima had created this unit to counter the information warfare of the powerhouses of modernization, but now its primary mission is to hunt Vampires.

Zero Agency consists of Colonel Yoshinobu Maeda, the strongest human being who controls the zero engine.

Shutaro Kurisu, the strongest vampire in Japan Tokuichi Yamagami and Swawa who has been a vampire since Edo days.

Together this unit must hunt down vampires and solve the mystery behind Ascra, artificial blood that has led to the increase in vampires.

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