Fear TWD: The Mystery of the Strange Girl in the Mask Resolved!

Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead has given fans a pretty complicated mystery to ponder about.

Alicia has been having recurring nightmares, where she sees a strange girl wearing a gas mask. But neither Alicia herself nor we seem to have any idea about this girl’s identity.

After being rescued by a kind musician, Paul, Alicia seems to be quite confused. According to Paul, he found Alicia in a barn while she was unconscious. But Alicia claims that she remembers being saved by a young girl wearing a gas mask.

After escaping from Paul’s house, Alicia meets this young stranger again. The identity of this mysterious young girl has not yet been confirmed in the series, as Alicia loses consciousness once again after the mysterious girl tells her that they can “help each other”.

The mysterious girl in Alicia’s dreams may or may not be real. Her identity has not yet been confirmed in the series, but she seems to be a fragment of Alicia’s imagination or a version of her own younger self, symbolic of her own conscience.

Who is the strange girl in Alicia’s dreams?

Ever since Alicia lost her arm earlier in Season 7, she has been suffering from constant fevers and hallucinations.

She hallucinated a zombified Senator Vasquez leading the way to PADRE. So, the strange girl in the gas mask recurring in her dreams is most likely just a figment of her hallucinations as well.

Considering how small the girl is (technically a child), she could not have actually ‘saved’ Alicia and carried her to the barn all by herself in a real-life scenario.

Fear TWD: The Mystery of the Strange Girl in the Mask Resolved!

Besides, the girl has an eerie appearance and is masked all the time, which does not really seem real, at least to me.

Another observation that stresses on the girl being imaginary is how the road that Alicia remembers seeing the girl in before meeting Paul is the same as the one we see at the end of the episode.

It is as though Alicia was dreaming all along and she just slipped back into the drip from where she had left it.

So, the girl in the gas mask is most likely a figment of Alicia’s imagination.

What does the girl in the mask symbolize?

Now that we are assuming the girl is not real, we can think about why she is constantly coming into Alicia’s subconscious mind. What does she signify?

Well, the mysterious girl in the mask could be symbolic of Alicia’s own younger self or her inner voice.

Paul convinced Alicia that Talking Vasquez was her imagination all along, so perhaps this child is another manifestation of her inner self which wants to make itself heard.

Fear TWD: The Mystery of the Strange Girl in the Mask Resolved!
Fear TWD

The girl tells Alicia that they can “help each other” which probably means that they can together bury the past and Alicia is subconsciously trying to prepare herself to move on and face her emotions.

Alicia could also be imagining herself as a child because deep down, she craves a family and some affection. No matter what the reason is and whatever the girl signifies, I guess it is pretty evident that this is all psychological and needs serious treatment.

So, one thing that all of this clearly symbolizes is the failing mental health of Alicia and how her subconscious mind is controlling her. She really needs to take some medication and we know it.

What do Alicia’s dreams mean?

Alicia’s dreams, where she is most likely hallucinating her own inner self in the form of a child, could be fulfilling an important purpose—setting the stage for Madison’s return.

Fear TWD: The Mystery of the Strange Girl in the Mask Resolved!

Madison is Alicia’s mother, who is back in Season 7, although she was considered to have died in a field of flames. Madison’s supposed death had a strong and painful effect on Alicia as she had to become the leader that we now see in the series.

Alicia’s dreams could mean that Madison is surely returning and the vision of the young girl is preparing Alicia to face her mother once she returns.

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