New World Complete Mining Guide: Leveling Up, Pickaxe, and More

Mining is a resource gathering activity and a trade skill in New World. Players can mine various veins/deposits scattered throughout Aeturnum to gain XP and gather the resources required to craft gears necessary for their adventures. 

The mining trade skill level ranges from 1-200, which decides what type of ores you can extract by mining. A higher mining skill allows a player to gather high-tier metals and ores required for crafting superior gears.

New World Complete Mining Guide: Leveling Up, Pickaxe, and More
Mining Trade Skills in New World

But before you start your journey from level 1 to 200 and craft some legendary gear, you first need to craft a pickaxe, an essential tool required to start mining.

Crafting a Pickaxe in New World

A Flint pickaxe can be crafted at a Tier-1 Camp or a Workshop, using 1 Flint and 1 Green-Wood by a player with 0 Engineering skill level. Green-Wood can be collected from bushes or trees by pressing E, while Flint is abundant near beaches.

Flint pickaxe is the slowest and lowest tier mining tool available to the player, so it is advised to upgrade to an Iron pickaxe or better quickly. The higher tier pickaxe provides faster gathering speed which means more XP/second and quick level-ups.

To craft a pickaxe in New World:

Step 1: Gather the required primary and secondary resource materials for the desired pickaxe.

Step 2: Press M to bring out the map and locate the “Workshop” in a settlement.

Step 3: Approach the Workshop and Press E to start crafting.

Step 4: Select the pickaxe recipe from the panel on the left.

Step 5: Add Azoth and Special resources to increase the chance of gaining a perk. (optional)

Step 7: Click the “Craft” option in the bottom right of your screen to craft a ranged weapon.

New World Complete Mining Guide: Leveling Up, Pickaxe, and More
Collect Required Items

If you “Can’t Craft” the gear, check what requirements are not met to complete the craft. The requirements of a craft are mentioned just above the “Can’t Craft” option in the bottom right.

PickaxeTierGathering SpeedCrafting MaterialWorkshop TierEngineering Skill Level
Flint PickaxeI100%1x Flint1x Green WoodTier 1Level 0
Iron PickaxeII225%12x Iron Ingots3x Timber2x Coarse LeathersTier IILevel 0
Steel PickaxeIII350%13x Steel Ingots3x Lumbers2x Rugged LeathersTier IILevel 50
Starmetal PickaxeIV550%14x Starmetal Ingots3x Wyrdwood Planks2x Scaly HideTier 1VLevel 100
Orichalcum PickaxeV850%15x Orichalcum Ingots3x Ironwood Planks2x Infused LeathersTier VLevel 150

Azoth can be added while crafting a pickaxe to increase the chances of getting a few extraordinary perks on your tool, which may speed up your leveling-up process. Even if you choose not to add Azoth, there is a slight chance of gaining the following perks on your tools when they are crafted:

  • Durable: Increased durability of the pickaxe.
  • Azoth Extraction: Increased chances of gaining Azoth while mining nodes.
  • Mining Luck: Increased chances of finding rare items while mining.
  • Mining Yield: Mining yields more resources.
  • Prospector’s Discipline: Increases gained Mining experience after mining a node.
  • Gathering Alacrity: When you finish gathering a node, gain haste.

Try to get Prospector’s Discipline perk if you wish to level up your mining skill quickly. You can also get Mining Luck perk on your armor to increase the chances of finding rare mining drops.

How to Level up the Mining Skill Quickly in New World?

I. Level 1-100

Initially, all you have to do is mine any boulder or Iron veins you come across. Just grind it out till you reach level 10. The iron veins are abundant in New World, especially in the southern region of the map. You can find these deposits in any rocky area such as mountains, caves, or around large boulder deposits in general.

New World Complete Mining Guide: Leveling Up, Pickaxe, and More
Grind Iron Veins to Level Up

Once you hit level 10, it’s time to start mining silver and gold veins for more XP till you hit level 50. Dankfur Hollow and Eldergate in Windsward are the best spots to mine silver ore in New World. The middle cave contains a lot of silver veins, and they respawn after every 10 minutes. 

Like Iron Veins and Silver Veins, the Gold Veins are primarily found in rocky areas such as caves and mountains. Great Cleave, the northeast region of Cutlass Keys, and the northern border of Reekwater are some of the finest spots to mine gold ore.

Pro Tip: Use a Steel pickaxe to mine Gold Veins, or else each vein will take more than one minute to mine.

After level 50, you can add Alchemy stones to your mining list to level up faster to 100. Make sure to increase your carrying capacity by 300, so you can mine more resources and gain more XP in a single mining expedition.

II. Level 100-175

At level 100, players can start mining Starmetal nodes, that’ll provide better XP and resources. 

A decent Starmetal mining route starts from the Great Cleave point outpost. Going south of the town and then mining the extra nodes on the northeast is a standard method to level up faster.

You can also find plenty of Starmetal nodes in the northeast of Windsward near Cascade Harbor. Stick to the mountain range here that runs into the Everfall region to gather more resources.

If you are a level 30-40 player, Rothoard Hollow cave in Cutlass Keys is another excellent spot to mine Starmetal.

III. Level 175-200

Finally, at level 175, you can now mine the Orichalcum Veins, which sometimes drop void ores. These void ores can be used to craft the Legendary Armor set (600 Gear Score) in New World.

The Shattered Mountains is the best region to mine Orichalcum Veins as it is filled with these high-tier nodes. Still, it is an endgame territory, so venture into it only when you can take down the absurdly strong monsters wreaking havoc there.

New World Complete Mining Guide: Leveling Up, Pickaxe, and More
Mining in New World

You can also try another prime location for these nodes between Windsward and Monarchs Bluff, by the Hermit’s Shrine.

Players can craft tools, jewelry, light/medium/heavy armor, and various weapons like swords, great axes, spears, etc., using the mined ores and gems. The gear crafted by using high-tier ores like Orichalcum, Starmetal, and Void Ore provides great stats and bonuses to the players.

What Resources can We Gather from Mining in New World?

Players can gather tons of different materials through different resource nodes scattered across the Aeternum, but players can only mine some nodes after reaching a certain mining level. 

Gatherable ResourcesRequired Level to GatherRequired Level to TrackPotential Drops
Iron VeinMining Lv. 0Mining Lv. 25Iron Ore, Fae Iron, Voidmetal, Cobalt, Crystal, Gems 
Silver VeinMining Lv. 10Mining Lv. 35Silver Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, Gems
Seeping StoneMining Lv. 20Mining Lv. 45Oil
Gold VeinMining Lv. 45Mining Lv. 70Gold Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, Gems
Alchemy StonesMining Lv. 50Mining Lv. 75Elemental Mote, Elemental Lodestone, and Crafting Mods
Starmetal VeinMining Lv. 100Mining Lv. 125Starmetal Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, Azurite Chunk, Crystal, Cobalt, Gems
Lodestone VeinMining Lv. 105Mining Lv. 155Lodestone, Shard of Adamant, Shard of Adderstone
Platinum VeinMining Lv. 110Mining Lv. 135Platinum Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, Gems
Orichalcum VeinMining Lv. 175Mining Lv. 200Orichalcum Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, Gems, Void Ore, Cinnabar, Tolvium, Crystal, Cobalt
BoulderMining Lv. 0Mining Lv. –Stone, Sliver of Adamant, and Sliver of Adderstone

Increasing The Mining Luck in New World

Increased mining luck provides more chances of finding rare items while mining a node. There are several methods to improve your mining luck in New World. You can use Azoth while crafting tools and gears to have a chance at gaining mining luck trait on that gear. This trait increases your chances of finding rare items while mining. 

New World Complete Mining Guide: Leveling Up, Pickaxe, and More
Increasing The Mining Luck in New World

Azoth is a magical mineral that serves as a form of currency. Players can use it in crafts to gain powerful perks and attributes for that particular item.

New World Complete Mining Guide: Leveling Up, Pickaxe, and More
Azoth in New World

Another useful but temporary method to increase your mining luck is to craft and consume the following food recipes: 

Roasted Potatoes- Increases Mining Luck for 1000 for 20 minutes.

Herb-Roasted Potatoes- Increases your Mining Luck for 1400 for 25 minutes.

Boiled Potatoes- Increase your Mining Luck for 1700 for 30 minutes.

Poultry With Roasted Potatoes- Increase your Mining Luck for 1900 for 35 minutes.

Salted Roasted Vegetables- Increase your Mining Luck for 2000 for 40 minutes.

New World Complete Mining Guide: Leveling Up, Pickaxe, and More
Herb-Roasted Potatoes in New World
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