New World Furnishing Guide: Leveling Up, Crafting, and More

Furnishing is a crafting trade skill/profession in New World. Players can craft various types of furniture and decorations for their housings using this skill. The only method to level up the furnishing skill is grinding it out and constantly crafting furniture in the Workshop crafting station.

The furnishing trade skill level ranges from 0-200, which decides what type of furniture you can craft. The higher skill level allows a player to craft high-tier furniture. At level 200, a player can craft every available piece of furniture in New World.

New World Furnishing Guide: Leveling Up, Crafting, and More
Furnishing Trade Skill in New World

Crafting Furniture in New World

Furniture can only be crafted at a Tier-2 or higher Workshop crafting station in New World. To craft a piece of furniture:

Step 1: Gather the necessary primary and secondary resource materials for the desired furniture.

Step 2: Press M to bring out the map and locate the “Workshop” in a settlement.

Step 3: Approach the Workshop and Press E to start crafting.

Step 4: Select the desired furniture recipe under the furniture category from the panel on the left.

Step 5: Use the Slider on the right side of your screen to select the quantity of the item you wish to craft.

Step 6: Click the “Craft” option in the bottom right of your screen to craft the item.

If you “Can’t Craft” the furniture, check what requirements are not met to complete the craft. The needs of a craft are mentioned just above the “Can’t Craft” option in the bottom right.

New World Furnishing Guide: Leveling Up, Crafting, and More
Workshop in New World
New World Furnishing Guide: Leveling Up, Crafting, and More
Craft your Desired Furniture Recipe

How to level up the furnishing skill faster in New World?

The secret to quickly leveling up the furnishing trade skill is to mass-craft an item that provides high XP and consumes very few resources. Here are a few such recipes you can try to do the same.

I. Level 0-50

The fastest way to reach furnishing level 50 is by crafting 186 units of Ash Wall Shelf. A single Ash Wall shelf can be crafted at a tier-2 workshop using 10x Iron Ingot, 15x Timber, and 1x Ash Stain. You will receive 126 XP for crafting each unit. 

After level 35, players can craft Hewn Log Storage Chest to store their gears, and at level 50 players unlock Maple Stain which can be mass-produced to level up quickly.

II. Level 50-100

To reach level 100, craft 1054 units of Warm Iron Sconce- Bright and 1881 units of Maple Stain. You will need 5x Iron Ingot, 15x Timber, and 5x Oil to craft a Warm Iron Sconce. On the other hand, crafting a Maple stain costs 4x Oil, and 10x Weak Solvent and requires a tier-3 Workshop. Each of these crafts will provide you 126 and 84 XP individually.

After reaching level 85, players can craft Iron Storage Chest at a tier-3 Workshop. Reaching level 75/100 will unlock all the “minor” skill trophies and Oak Stain.

III. Level 100-150

The best furniture craft to reach level 150 is Minor Corrupted Combat Trophy. Craft 627 units of the same at a tier-3 Workshop using 20x Steel Ingots, 25x Lumber, 1x Maple Stain, and 25x Life Motes. Creating each unit will give you 1704 XP.

At level 145, players can craft Hope Storage Chest which has a storing size of 400, additionally, reaching level 150 will unlock all the “basic” skill trophies and Mahogany Stain.

IV. Level 150-200

Finally, craft 1067 units of Oval Cerulean Rug to reach level 200. Crafting each unit requires 25x Silk, 25x Layered Leathers, and 15x Wirefiber. Each craft of Oval Cerulean Rug provides 6240 XP for Furnishing skills to the player.

You can always choose this method of mass-producing items and grinding to level up your furniture skill quickly, but if you want to be more economical about it, then craft 2-3 pieces of each item and try to sell them on the trading posts for a profit.

At level 200, players can craft all the furnishing items present in the game, including Golden Steel Storage Chest and all the “major’ skill trophies.

What furniture can I craft in New World?

Players can craft beds, chairs, tables, lanterns, chests, rugs, trophies, and various other decorations for their housing in New World. 

Initially, furnishing may look like an unnecessary skill just for aesthetics, which is somewhat true. Still, it also allows the player to craft more storage space and trophies that provide passive bonuses, which can prove useful in the longer run.

As furnishing is a crafting activity, it requires several resources which must be gathered and refined. So, to speed up the leveling process for the furnishing trade skill, I recommend players to level up the following Gathering and Refining skills as well:

  • Harvesting
  • Leatherworking
  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Smelting
  • Weaving
  • Woodworking

Best Furnishing Items to Craft in New World

Undoubtedly, the storage chests and the trophies are the best furnishing items to create in New World. The chests allow players to store their gear and loots, while the trophies provide passive boosts for various crafting skills and combat.

New World Furnishing Guide: Leveling Up, Crafting, and More
Furnishing Items to Craft in New World

Here is all you need to know about storage chests in New World:

NameTierSizeFurnishing LevelCrafting Recipe
Hewn Log Storage Chest12003530x Timber
15x Iron Ingot
1x Ash Stain
1x Minor Rune of Holding
Iron Storage Chest23008530x Lumber
15x Steel Ingot
1x Maple Stain
1x Major Rune of Holding
Hope Storage Chest340014530x Wyrdwood Planks 
15x Starmetal Ingot 
1x Oak Stain 
1x Greater Rune of Holding
Golden Steel Storage Chest450020030x Ironwood Planks,
15x Orichalcum Ingots,
1x Mahogany Stain,
1x Grand Rune of Holding
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