Everything You Need to Know About Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West!

Horizon Forbidden West boasts one of the largest and most content-filled open worlds within the titular lands of the Forbidden West. With a world as vast as this, though, fast travel mechanics can be nothing less than a boon for you. 

Even though players have many ways to traverse long distances, such as the Glider, nothing feels easier than simply teleporting to or near your point of interest in the game. 

However, fast traveling in Forbidden West is actually a little trickier than most open-world games – maybe it’s an attempt to emphasize exploration on players’ parts, an unnecessary feature to differentiate the sequel from its predecessor, or just a simple change of pace – either way, it is what it is. 

That said, let me explain how fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West works. 

In Horizon Forbidden West, while it is possible to fast travel from campfire to campfire, fast traveling to a campfire from anywhere else costs a Fast Travel Pack each time. You can also fast travel infinitely with a Golden Fast Travel Pack by purchasing it from Merchants.  

Everything You Need to Know About Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West!
Fast Travel Pack

If you’re starting out in Forbidden West, fret not over this whole fast travel thing. Finding a campfire is pretty simple, and you’ll actually stumble across one while playing through the story – easy-peasy. 

Whenever you interact with a campfire, the fast travel option would pop right up in front of you. But, there are also some things to note about Fast Traveling in this game. 

Allow me to list them down for you: 

  • Fast Travel on-demand is not possible. You have to be right next to a campfire when trying to travel. 
  • Before you fast travel to a campfire, you need to rest before it first. 
  • You cannot travel in the middle of combat or when falling down. 
  • If the map is a little cluttered, you can filter out the campfires to fast travel from by pressing start. 

Lastly, let’s talk about the Golden Fast Travel Pack. The primary function of this pack is to render the regular fast travel packs obsolete, as it allows you to travel throughout the map to any campfire without any restrictions. 

Everything You Need to Know About Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West!
Golden Fast Travel Pack

As I mentioned moments ago, it’s pretty easy to get yourself one of these Golden Fast Travel Packs – I would recommend getting it from the merchant just outside Meridian, by the big bridge leading into the city. 

As for its buying requirements, let me list them down as well: 

  • 50 Metal Shard: You can obtain these Metal Shards by killing any machine life-forms in the game. 
  • 1 Fox Skin: It’s a random drop from foxes that you can hunt across the map. Try to look for them in forest areas – I think killing a couple of them should fetch you their skin. 
  • 10 Fatty Meat: This one is the easiest of the bunch – hunt down some wild animals, and you’re good to go. 

However, if I’m being honest, while fast traveling is a great way to get to your desired destination, nothing beats traveling on foot in this game. Simply put, there are so many things to see and experience in this game outside of the main quest that it really isn’t recommended that you fast travel a lot – you can really leave that for the endgame when you’re all “Been there, done that.”  

About Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games. An open-world, action adventure game, players control Aloy, a Nora hunter who is on a quest to reverse the effects of a strange crimson blight which is infecting the land. Set in a completely new world, Horizon Forbidden West has many new machines, threats and adventures for Aloy.

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