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All Your Favorite Fall 2021 Anime and Where to Stream Them

Fall is a brilliant season for many reasons. Be it the seasonal food, drinks, or the nearing holiday season, and there is something for everyone at this time of the year. Although, the happiest out of them all is the weeb community.

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This season marks the release of the year’s most anticipated anime, manga, novels, and more. With so many shows comes the tiring responsibility of keeping up with their updates, especially their streaming platforms.

All Your Favorite Fall 2021 Anime and Where to Stream Them
Yashahime Princess Half Demon | Source: Fandom

Here at Epic Dope, we have curated a list just for you so that you won’t have to spend hours searching for where to watch your favorite anime.

AnimeWatch Links
Yashahime season 2Crunchyroll, Netflix & Funimation
MushokuTensei part 2 Crunchyroll, Netflix & Funimation
Lupin the 3rd part 6Crunchyroll, Netflix
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2 Crunchyroll, Netflix & Funimation
World Trigger season 3Crunchyroll, Netflix & Funimation
Chainsaw ManTBA

We will update the list as soon as more information from official sources comes in.

I am the most excited about Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District arc and for Chainsaw Man. Although streaming services and the release date for Chainsaw man aren’t out yet, I still can’t help but be excited about it.

Most of these shows are already up and running, with one or two episodes out for everyone to watch. World Trigger season 3’s first episode is refreshing and peaceful, unlike the series itself. But I am sure it will be picking up pace, and soon enough, the fans will have action-packed and chaotic episodes.

Even Demon Slayer season 2 cour 1 started recently. It covers the Mugen Train arc in detail and includes more information and scenes on everyone’s favorite Hashira, Rengoku.

The fall season is the time to grab your blankets, make a hot beverage, and enjoy all of these anime in your favorite cozy spot. Nothing beats the holiday season, and new anime makes it even better.

Let us know which anime you are going to stream!

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