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Upcoming Card Game Anime Build Divide: Code Black Set to Debut on October 9

In the world of Build Divide: Code Black, your position in society’s hierarchy has nothing to do with your knowledge, money, or power. Instead, you just need to be the best at the Rebuild card game to be the king at the top.

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The upcoming anime is centered around a boy named Teruto Kurabe, who wants to be New Kyoto’s king to fulfill a secret wish. With a mysterious girl named Sakura Banka as his guide, he must defeat the king to complete the ”key.”

Upcoming Card Game Anime Build Divide: Code Black Set to Debut on October 9
Teruto Kurabe | Source: Fandom

Build Divide: Code Black anime is set to make its debut on October 9, 2021. The series is a part of a mixed multimedia project consisting of a card game and an anime.

The story takes place in a rather futuristic world where all the traditional Kyoto buildings have received a modern makeover. From the looks of it, the current king seems to be into some shady things.

Although we do not have any hints about Teruto’s motivations, it very much seems like a revenge story. Maybe his parents got killed by the current king, or he did something to them. We will probably get our answer in the first few episodes.

Upcoming Card Game Anime Build Divide: Code Black Set to Debut on October 9
Build Divide: Code Black | Source: Fandom

As it is with TCG-based franchises, we know this will be commercially successful even if it doesn’t end up being good, although the premise indicates otherwise.

The series seems to be a mix of No Game No Life mixed with Yu-Gi-Oh. It has the hierarchy defined by a game part with the obvious TCG element. If it manages to deliver on both, people should be all for it.

About Build Divide

Build Divide is a new multimedia project by Aniplex. A trading-card game-based anime series is announced for October 2021. A game will also be released near the same time.

Based in New Kyoto, the anime will feature a world where you can only climb the ranks through a card game. Teruto, the protagonist, is guarded by a mysterious girl, Sakura Banka.

They aim to defeat the King of the world in a game to fulfill their wish.

Source: Build Divide Official Website

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