TWD Producer Confirms Rick Grimes’ Location in TWD’s Series Finale

The Walking Dead producer, Scott M. Gimple, confirms that Rick Grimes is in the Civic Republic Military’s custody, which has its base in Philadelphia. This will be the central setting for the Rick Grimes spin-off series.

While The Walking Dead may have come to an end, its tales will live on through its numerous spin-offs. One of them will deal with Rick Grimes, who was last seen on the show at the beginning of season 9.

Rick only returns for a surprise appearance in TWD’s series finale, where he appears to be wearing a CRM jacket and is surrendering to a helicopter above him. This scene also confirms what fans have long speculated: Rick was captured by the CRM, forced to work for them and now, is once again trying to make an escape.

TWD Producer Confirms Rick Grimes’ Location in TWD’s Series Finale
Rick Grimes, with Philadelphia’s skyline in the background

In an interview with EW, Gimple teases that fans will easily be able to deduce Rick’s exact location if they pay attention to the skyline in the scene. Here is his statement:

“We know the helicopter is CRM, I mean, hell, we can see it on this jacket. So people could extrapolate beyond that, that the city may be associated with the CRM […] People have seen that skyline referenced already in the promotion. It’s been referenced before. I think people could connect those dots.”

Scott M. Gimple

It’s no secret that the CRM’s base is in Philadelphia, as depicted in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It’s also easy to guess that it’s the Philly skyline that Rick is looking at in TWD’s series finale.

TWD Producer Confirms Rick Grimes’ Location in TWD’s Series Finale
Michonne Grimes

This all but confirms that the yet untitled Rick Grimes spin-off will be set in and around Philadelphia.

It has been hinted that the spin-off will focus on Rick and his wife, Michonne, as the estranged couple tries to find each other despite all odds. It will also fill in details about Rick’s whereabouts since the last two seasons.

While this last bit may be too much for a six-episode spin-off to tackle, some fans hope that the couple will eventually reunite with their daughter, Judith Grimes, as well.

As of now, the spin-off does not have a release date but is expected to air sometime in late 2023.

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