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Exclusive Clip for God of High School Finale Teases Info on Episode 12

The God Of Highschool is one of the most anticipated anime of 2020.

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The anime’s first season is coming to an end soon. Its upcoming episode, i.e., episode 12, will premiere on Crunchyroll on 21st September.

As the anime is about to enter its finale, fan expectations are at their highest.

However, fans are still concerned about the pacing issue of The God Of Highschool. A lot of details are being skipped in the series.

Crunchyroll has just revealed an all-new trailer for episode 12 of The God Of Highschool anime.

The God of High School - Exclusive Episode 12 Clip
The God of High School – Exclusive Episode 12 Clip

The video serves as a sneak peek into the 12th episode of the series.

The anime is moving on from the tournament-style format that it had been following through most of the episodes.

Jin Mori, Mira, and Daewi have survived through the back to back battles and are ready to become even stronger after getting endowed with the power of Gods.

Chapter 97-105 of The God Of Highschool webtoon will probably be adapted into episode 12 of the anime.

In the short trailer, we witness Sang Manduk opening a teleportation ring and summoning swords from the heavens. This officially declares the start of God’s Arrival arc.

Very soon, angels are born holding the swords that have been summoned.

The ones who will mainly face these angels in battle are the judges. Manduk continues to chant spells and calls a massive black figure from the sky.

The God Of Highschool: Exciting Sneak Peek
Sang Mandeok | Source: Fandom

The Gods that Manduk attempts to summon are malicious ones. If he is successful in teleporting them, then the future of the world could be in danger.

Mori and Jegal Taek’s fight over the key continues. The mysterious figure that Manduk summons will try to interfere and obtain the key. However, Mori stops it by multiplying his power by using Nabong Needle Ryu.

About The God Of Highschool

The God of High School or GOH is a South Korean webtoon written by Yongje Park. God of High School was first posted on Naver Webtoon on 8 April 2011; it was one of the first webtoons to receive an English translation at the launch of the Line Webtoon app and website in July 2014.

While an island half-disappearing from the face of the earth, a mysterious organization is sending out invitations for a tournament to every skilled fighter in the world.

“If you win you can have ANYTHING you want.”

They’re recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of high school!

Source: Crunchyroll Trailer

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