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Ex-Arm Anime Premiere Postponed to January 2021

Humans have always been fascinated by the concept of life and have tried to create or preserve it again and again. Not only have we created robots but also weapons of mass destruction.

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The story of Ex-Arm is born from a fascination with trying to preserve a human even after death.

The action kicks off as a student who was supposed to be dead is found converted into a weapon of high intelligence.

The official website of Ex-Arm announced that the anime adaptation of the manga will premiere in January 2021.

The anime was initially set for a fall 2020 debut, but the release date has been further delayed to 2021.

Ex-Arm Anime Postponed To January 2021
Ex-Arm | Source: Fandom

Souma Saito, the voice actor for Akira and the director of the series, Yoshikatsu Kimura, will appear at the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2020. The event will be held from 4th to 6th September 2020.

Here are the comments from the three main cast members of the anime:

Saito explains that he is looking forward to convey the emotions of Akira properly. He is looking forward to the action scenes in the anime.

Akira Natsume by Souma Saito

Minami is a straight forward character who is full of justice. She is a police officer with maternal feelings. A clash of machines and humans raises the question of where do people come from?

Minami Uezono by Mikako Komatsu

Alma starts as an android but slowly gains feelings due to Akira and Minami. The animation has a sense of grandeur and raises questions about humanity.

Alma by Akari Kito
Ex-Arm Anime Postponed To January 2021
Akira Natsume | Source: Fandom

The anime will be streamed by Crunchyroll as a Crunchyroll Originals series.

Staff of the Ex-Arm anime includes:

DirectorYoshikatsu Kimura
Series CompositionTommy Morton
MusicSo Kimura

About Ex-Arm

Created by Shinya Komi and HiRock, the Ex-Arm manga started serialization in 2015. It will be adapted into anime series in 2021.

Set in the year 2030, the story follows Akira Natsume, a high school boy who seemingly died in a traffic accident 16-years ago.

Only to know that his brain was taken out and had become a part of an advanced weapon.

Akira co-operates with the EX-ARM Countermeasure Division to regain his lost memories and body.

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