Here’s Everything We Know About Rue Jules and Eliot’s Love Triangle

We’re three episodes into season 2 of Euphoria and Elliot has (Dominic Fike) already become an integral part of its world, especially since a love triangle is brewing with him as a rather strong third vertice.

I personally have a lot of questions. First of all, is Elliot interested in Rue or Jules (or both)? Is Jules interested in Elliot as well? Is Elliot actively trying to break Rue and Jules? There’s a lot to find out. I am sure we will get some clarity on all of this as the story progresses.

As of writing this piece, Elliot may get together with either Rue or Jules or even both. He has shown interest in both the girls and both seem to like his company for their own reasons.

We don’t know anything for sure yet. But some fan theories never hurt anyone, did they?

For your convenience, I have put together everything we already know about this growing love triangle with a speculation of how things may shape up in the upcoming episodes.

Is Elliot trying to break up Rue and Jules?

In one word, no. I don’t think Elliot is actively trying to break up Rue and Jules. Elliot simply seems to be quite interested in both of them.

Here’s Everything We Know About Rue Jules and Eliot’s Love Triangle
Rue and Eliot

In the beginning of season 2, it seemed like he is interested in Rue considering the friendship they shared. While Jules and Elliot followed the enemies to lovers trope at first, when Jules seemed visibly upset and insecure about Rue spending time with Elliot.

Euphoria 2×2 | Jules is Jealous Over Rue

But three episodes in, Elliot seems to be growing on Jules and vice versa.

In fact, going by the Jules-special bridge episode “Fuck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob”, she tells her therapist about swearing off men for a while. But in comes Elliot with an apple tattoo and dreamy eyes, complimenting her for her awkwardness that she may be tempted to make an exception.

We cannot deny that a love triangle is on the brew.

Besides, Rue and Jules’ relationship has its own problems. So even if Elliot was not in the picture, the chances of them breaking up remain high. Elliot’s presence may simply act as a catalyst.

Here’s Everything We Know About Rue Jules and Eliot’s Love Triangle
Rue and Jules

The moment Rue relapsed, a break up was round the corner. Let’s not forget that Jules specifically told Rue that they cannot be together if she continues to do drugs. I think there is a sort of savior complex that works within Jules, since Rue is a lot like her addict mother.

This sort of a savior complex is quite problematic because it makes Jules put in way more effort into the relationship compared to Rue. A relationship based on such feelings really does not seem to be something that can last too long.

As we see, Rue gave up drugs for a while but relapsed the moment Jules left town. So Elliot or not, a break is definitely on the horizon for these two.

Will Elliot get together with Rue or Jules?

As of now, Elliot is not officially together with either Rue or Jules. Elliot has been flirting with both Rue and Jules, so it is hard to say who he is actually interested in.

Elliot definitely has a huge crush on Rue. He even says that she is ‘better than the other ones’. However, Rue doesn’t seem to respond to his feelings.

I sense a grudge in Elliot when he accuses Rue of being an asexual being almost. But I could be wrong. Elliot is too sweet. Have you seen his puppy eyes?

Here’s Everything We Know About Rue Jules and Eliot’s Love Triangle

Frankly speaking, I think Elliot has a crush on both Jules and Rue. I won’t even be surprised if we get to see a steamy threesome quite soon. However, he is a little confused about who to approach.

My theory is Elliot is most probably being manipulated by Rue as she is clearly using him to feed on drugs. But Jules is not as complicated and Elliot is trying hard to get her attention. So I think the chance of Jules and Elliot hooking up is more than Rue and Elliot getting together.

Jules and Eliot

It won’t be surprising if Rue gets to know about them, walks in on them or if it is a threesome because at this point, anything is possible on this show.

Another important point is that there are high chances of a major character dying in this season. There are several fan theories, but if you ask me, I think Rue might overdose again this season. As a result, Jules will break down and perhaps Elliot will be the only one there to comfort her.

The oldest trope in the world – two people sharing the same grief end up sleeping with each other. We are not sure if anyone will die and if at all anyone does, who it will be. But as the show is progressing, things might get dark is what I feel.

Does Elliot just want to be friends?

It is possible that Elliot just wants to be friends with Rue and Jules. But it is unlikely. Elliot was flirting with both Jules and Rue and also makes Jules feel as though Rue does not appreciate her enough.

Here’s Everything We Know About Rue Jules and Eliot’s Love Triangle

Elliot is like a catalyst which is driving Rue and Jules’ relationship towards a potential break up even if that is not his intention. He may just be interested in either of them (or both of them) but he is clearly not sure of how to proceed.

As far as Rue is concerned, she just wants to do drugs at this point. I don’t think she is interested in anything else.

As far as Jules is concerned, Elliot’s presence might even give her the strength to break up with Rue because now she has an alternative. Unlike Rue, Elliot’s world does not revolve around drugs. So, Jules might be tempted to give it a shot with Elliot and break her vow of keeping off men for a while.

Either way, the ‘just friends’ thing is out of the question in my opinion. There’s no fun in that. There’s no drama either!

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