Here’s What We Know about Only Murders in the Building Season 2

After a long time, I actually enjoyed a show as much as I loved Only Murders in the Building. It was simply my brand of weird and funny, all wrapped up in a good murder mystery. So, it goes without saying that after that shocking-as-hell ending, I could not stop searching for more about Season 2.

Thankfully, there is good news.

Only Murders in the Building is returning for a second season, as confirmed by Hulu and co-creator John Hoffman. Season 1 ended with a massive cliffhanger, so the famous trio will be returning to solve another murder in Season 2.

After all, it was Hulu’s most watched comedy. It would legit be a crime to not give us Season 2 of this show and I wish we get several more.

When Will Season 2 Come Out?

There is no official date for the release of Only Murders in the Building Season 2, but filming will begin at the end of 2021. Season 2 can be expected to release mid-2022.

Here’s what we know about Only Murders in the Building season 2
Only Murders in the Building

The massive popularity and positive response surrounding the show resulted in Hulu announcing on Twitter a month before the finale that the show has been renewed for a second season. So, we can expect things to go pretty quick.

Hoffman has confirmed that Season 2 is going to a “bigger direction”, so we can expect lots of interesting stuff.

What to Expect in Season 2?

Season 1 had a proper structure, where the trio comprising Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) solved the murder of Tim Kono together and also made their very own crime podcast.

I am guessing Season 2 will also follow the same structure, with the podcast being made by Cinda Canning (Tina Fey) revolving around the murder of Bunny, who was revealed to be dead in the finale.

Only Murders in the Building Season 1 Ending scene

The finale ended with a massive cliffhanger where the three musketeers were arrested for allegedly murdering Bunny. So, Season 2 will be all about searching for the real murderer and it will also be interesting to see how the three get out of this mess.

This might not be as easy as it seems, because in the penultimate episode, Bunny was almost on the verge of evicting Charles, Oliver, and Mabel. Though they had managed to save their places in the Arconia after solving the Tim Kono murder, it was pretty evident that none of the three (especially Oliver) was particularly liked by Bunny.

So, the three can be framed with having a definite motive to kill Bunny. Especially Oliver, who has already had his rent due for months and received an eviction notice from Bunny.

Apart from that, the mystery of Bunny’s murder will most likely be central to the plot of Season 2. There is also the Oscar and Mabel relationship track which was left in a mess in Season 1 and Charles reconnecting with Lucy, his ex-girlfriend’s daughter who shared a close relationship with him.

Here’s what we know about Only Murders in the Building season 2
Mabel, Oliver & Charles-Haden

Season 2 will probably also address the fate of the titular crime podcast the trio began and introduce new complications with the introduction of new characters and a brand-new Board President of the Arconia.

But before anything, the trio needs to get out of jail.

Who Is Returning from the Cast?

The trio central to the show aka Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez is all set to return for Season 2. Tina Fey as Cinda Canning is returning and will most likely have a bigger role to play. Aaron Dominguez as Oscar is also coming back.

Hoffman also confirmed that Jane Houdyshell as Bunny will also appear in Season 2, most likely in flashbacks since she is the murder victim. Just like Tim Kono appeared throughout Season 1 despite having died in the first episode.

There will also be new members who will join the cast, because we will be delving into Bunny’s life and relationships in Season 2 to solve the murder mystery.

Three new characters, namely Lucy, Nina Kim, and Alice will join the cast. Lucy has already been mentioned a couple of times in Season 1 as the daughter of Charles’ ex-girlfriend Emma, who abruptly left with her from a cruise, leaving Charles behind.

Here’s what we know about Only Murders in the Building season 2
Charles-Haden Savage

In the season finale, Charles texted Lucy again to reconnect with her and she replied. We will finally see her in Season 2 as a teenager, and rumors suggest she will be crucial to the Bunny murder mystery.

Lastly, Nina Kim will be a South Asian/Asian woman character who will be taking over Bunny’s place as the Board President of the Arconia.

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About Only Murders in the Building

Only Murders in the Building is an American crime-comedy television series created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman. Season 1 of the series premiered in August 2021, and season 2 was released on 28th June 2022.

The series follows Charles, Oliver, and Mabel, a trio of true-crime-obsessed strangers and wannabe investigators who are brought together when they are framed for a murder that takes place in their building.

The series stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez as the main cast. The Hulu original has been renewed for Season 3.

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