All trophies in Horizon Forbidden West and how to earn them?

Gather up, trophy hunters. The time to be fully immersed in a critically acclaimed Horizon Forbidden West to get your money’s worth has now arrived! Whether you’re in it for the bragging rights or a sense of accomplishment, trophies never desist from enhancing the gaming experience and are always fun to obtain. 

Thankfully, the same is applicable to Aloy’s apocalyptic world as well. The title comes packed with a long list of trophies that are relatively straightforward to earn. So, how many achievements are there to attain in Horizon Forbidden West? 

There are a total of 59 trophies to unlock in Horizon Forbidden West, which consists of 50 Bronze accolades, 7 Silver laurels, 1 Gold, and 1 Platinum trophy. Complete the main story quests and several trophy-related missions to get hands on them.  

Also, in what is good news, the level of difficulty will not affect the trophy count, ensuring you can play as Aloy on any of the available settings and still bag all the awards.  

On top of this, you should also know that it’s possible to transfer trophies from PS4 to PS5 while playing Horizon Forbidden West. Sadly, the same cannot be said if you are looking to downgrade to the current gen from PS5. 

Now that you are aware of every caveat, let’s cut straight to the chase and have a look at all the trophies in Horizon Forbidden West and learn what it takes to unlock them: 

1. All Platinum Horizon Forbidden West trophies 

All Trophies Obtained: Obtained by collecting all trophies in Horizon Forbidden West 

2. All Gold Horizon Forbidden West trophies 

Discovered Nemesis: Discover Nemesis by putting an end to the Zenith 

All trophies in Horizon Forbidden West and how to earn them?
Horizon Forbidden West

3. All Silver Horizon Forbidden West trophies 

  • Reached Level 50: Reached player level 50 
  • All Tallnecks Overridden: Reached the top of every Tallneck and accessed their information 
  • Defeated Asera: Investigated all Rebel Camps and helped Erend defeat Asera 
  • All Cores Overridden: Reached the Core of every Cauldron and accessed their information 
  • Obtained 3 Stripes at All Hunting Grounds: Earned at least a Quarter Stripe mark in all three trials at all Hunting Grounds 
  • All Machine Types Scanned: Encountered and Focus scanned every type of machine 
  • Skill Tree Learned: Learned all available skills on one tree 

4. All Bronze Horizon Forbidden West trophies 

  • Reached Level 20: Reached player level 20 
  • Reached Level 30: Reached player level 30 
  • Reached the Daunt: Arrived at the Daunt seeking passage into the Forbidden West 
  • Secured Passage to the Embassy: Cleared the way to the Embassy and reopened the Daunt 
  • Attended the Embassy: Survived the ambush at the Embassy and gained passage into the Forbidden West 
  • Established the Base: Secured a base of operations and rebooted GAIA 
  • Recovered AETHER: Defended the Kulrut and recovered AETHER 
  • · Recovered POSEIDON: Drained Las Vegas and recovered POSEIDON 
  • Recovered DEMETER: Encountered the Quen and recovered DEMETER 
  • Recovered Beta: Followed Beta’s distress signal and brought her back to base 
  • Discovered Faro’s Fate: Survived Thebes and befriended the Quen 
  • Flew on the Wings of the Ten: Flew into battle and vanquished Regalla 
  • Chose a Desert Commander: Aided both Drakka and Yarra and chose the better candidate 
  • Saved the Daunt: Resolved all of the problems troubling the Daunt 
  • Aided Kotallo: Helped Kotallo build and test a mechanised arm 
  • Healed the Land-gods: Helped Zo reboot the land-gods to save Plainsong 
  • Recovered Alva’s Data: Helped Alva retrieve data to help the Quen 
  • First Tallneck Overridden: Reached the top of a Tallneck and accessed its information 
  • First Rebel Camp Completed: Completed key objectives in one Rebel Camp. 
  • First Core Overridden: Reached the Core of a Cauldron and accessed its information 
  • Obtained 3 Stripes at a Hunting Ground: Earned at least a Quarter Stripe mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground 
  • All Acquisition Machines Killed: Killed at least one of every type of Acquisition machine 
  • All Recon Machines Killed: Killed at least one of every type of Reconnaissance machine 
  • All Transport Machines Killed: Killed at least one of every type of Transport machine 
  • Rode All Regular Mounts: Rode a Charger, Bristleback, and Clawstrider. 
  • Completed a Long Glide: Glided uninterrupted for 60 seconds 
  • Completed 2 Flying Mount Quests: Completed two quests that required a flying mount 
  • Won 2 Gauntlet Runs: Won first place in two different Gauntlet Runs 
  • Completed a Set of Salvage Contracts: Completed all contracts at a Salvage Contractor 
  • Completed 4 Rebel Outposts: Defeated the outpost leader and recovered the tags from four Rebel Outposts 
  • Completed 3 Relic Ruins: Discovered and completed three Relic Ruins 
  • Completed Arena Challenge Set: Completed one Arena challenge set 
  • Defeated Machine Strike Challengers: Won a match against two different Machine Strike challengers 
  • Obtained All Weapon Classes: Obtained one weapon from every weapon class. 
  • Used all Elemental States: Inflicted every elemental state on an enemy at least once 
  • Performed 3 Melee Combos: Successfully performed three different unlockable melee combos 
  • Stealth Killed 10 Machines: Performed a stealth kill on ten machines 
  • Tore off 100 Components: Detached 100 components from machines 
  • Picked up 5 Heavy Weapons: Picked up five different heavy weapons 
  • 10 Types of Machine Overridden: Unlocked and used the overrides for ten different types of machine 
  • Defeated the Enduring: Defeated the Tenakth melee master known as the Enduring 
  • Fully Upgraded a Valor Surge: Upgraded a Valor Surge to its maximum level. 
  • Upgraded 3 Weapons: Fully upgraded three weapons 
  • Upgraded 3 Outfits: Fully upgraded three different outfits 
  • Upgraded Every Pouch Type: Upgraded the Food Pouch, Potion Pouch, Resource Pouch, Trap Pouch, and any ammo pouch at least once 
  • Enhanced Weapon with Coils: Equipped a weapon of any tier with two coils 
  • Unlocked 3 Weapon Techniques: Unlocked a Weapon Technique for three different weapon classes 
  • Recovered 5 Different Collectables: Completed one Survey Drone, one Black Box, one Relic Ruin, one Vista Point, and one Signal Tower 
  • Used Dye Flowers: Used dye flowers to unlock and apply a new dye 

While these trophies are uncomplicated to attain, it does not mean what you’re looking at is a walk in the park. Like any other PlayStation game, even Horizon Forbidden West features a missable trophy. Here’s all you need to know about it: 

5. Does Horizon Forbidden West have any missable trophies? 

All trophies in Horizon Forbidden West and how to earn them?
Horizon Forbidden West

The only missable/hidden trophy in Horizon Forbidden West is ‘All Machine Type Scanned.’ As the name suggests, players will have to scan all types of machines in the game to obtain it. 

This silver trophy is so tricky to acquire because of the two machines, Specter and Specter Prime, that only appear in the final mission and don’t have open world spawns. Ensure to scan these machines before defeating them to get the missable accolade. 

It must be kept in mind that if you die during the middle of scanning, your progress won’t be saved, and you’ll be back to square one. 

In case you miss out on scanning and are unable to grab the trophy, you will have to play the entire game again, unfortunately. Therefore, it is recommended that you manually save Horizon Forbidden West before starting its final quest, Singularity.  

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6. About Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games. An open-world, action adventure game, players control Aloy, a Nora hunter who is on a quest to reverse the effects of a strange crimson blight which is infecting the land. Set in a completely new world, Horizon Forbidden West has many new machines, threats and adventures for Aloy.

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