Euphoria: Will Cassie and Maddy be friends again?

Euphoria S2 put us smack in the middle of a Maddy-Nate-Cassie love triangle, where Cassie went from being Maddy’s “B**** you’re my soulmate,” to “B**** I’m going to f*** you.” Whew! The dialogues are iconic but the emotions are heartbreaking.

We’re left at quite a cold spot at the finale, where the girl gang is taking a moment of respite in the washroom after Cassie and Maddy’s fight fest. It is this moment of quiet, uncertainty that makes us question if Cassie and Maddy will be friends again.

At the end of Euphoria S2, Maddy and Cassie continue to be in a precarious situation, thanks to the Nate love triangle. Right now, it’s impossible to tell if the two will mend their relationship and be friends, as the show has left us with no clues.

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But I do have two highly probable outcomes—Cassie will continue her relationship with Nate until it blows up in her face and finally sees Maddy was right. Or, Cassie decides to let go of Nate, Maddy empathizes with the situations that caused Cassie’s rash decisions and forgives her.

Let’s explore these further:

Cassie Will Relentlessly Pursue Nate

I don’t think this is the last we will see of Cassie and Nate. Sure, Nate broke up with her but as Maddy commented, “This is just the beginning.” I interpreted it as being the beginning of the vicious break-up-make-up cycle that Maddy herself went through.

Euphoria: Will Cassie and Maddy be friends again?
Cassie and Nate

Nate knows that he doesn’t have many people on his side, and Cassie seeming to worship him despite all his viciousness will cause them both to get back together.

I don’t think that in such a circumstance, Maddy and Cassie will patch things up. Maddy has actually been quite level-headed in the situation and her outbursts are only in retaliation to Cassie’s. So it is possible she will continue to ignore her until the next big blowup. (Cause let’s face it, it’s coming!)

I only pray that Maddy is finally over Nate and doesn’t give him another chance if he comes to her with his tail between his legs. She cannot forget that gun incident which is only one of the many traumatic episodes he’s put her through.

Maddy Will Forgive Cassie

In the spirit of allowing Euphoria to have hopeful endings, it is possible that Maddy may forgive Cassie.

Euphoria: Will Cassie and Maddy be friends again?

If Cassie, right after the play and the washroom confrontation, decides that she’s had enough of Nate, she can still resolve the matter with Madd, and even ask her for help/advice.

Despite her defense that Maddy and Nate were not together, her decisions have been quite insensitive and she needs to take ownership of that. The sooner she does it, the more chance she has of mending her friendship with Maddy.

On the flip side, she may get back together with Nate, go through cycles of disasters and realize what a horrible decision it was. I’m not saying that Nate and Cassie don’t have the potential to be better versions of themselves, but right now they’re really toxic for each other and are not seeking any help of any kind.

After another blow-out which may end up being Cassie’s last straw, she may leave Nate and finally ask Maddie for forgiveness.

I think whichever route this narrative takes, it is really important for Cassie to get help and possibly therapy. She’s gone through a lot in a short amount of time (including dumping down the depressing feelings of having an abortion) and hasn’t dealt with any of it in a safe, healthy manner.

If she mends her friendship with Maddy, it may help with a few of those issues, too. Here’s to hoping.

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About Euphoria

Euphoria is a teen drama on HBO that is loosely based on the Israeli series of the same name. The series is written by Sam Levinson and stars Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Maude Apatow, Jacob Elordi, Alexa Demie, and others.

The show revolves around Rue, a teen drug addict who is also suffering from Bipolar disorder. She meets Jules, a transwoman, and falls in love with her. Euphoria deals with themes of sexual violence, addiction, trauma, and self-identity.

The series was renewed for season 3 in February 2022.

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