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Idol Anime ‘Eternal Boys’ to have a Half-Year Run

Idol-themed anime are becoming more common with each passing day, but ‘Eternal Boys’ is the one that managed to stand out in the crowd. The show targets the very essence of an idol- their young age and youthful energy.

It features an idol group of middle-aged men having a mid-life crisis after experiencing various kinds of successes and failures.

Due to its unique plot and interesting characters, this anime became an instant light-hearted hit among fans.

The fun revolving around these idols in their 40s will continue for more time as the staff for the ‘Eternal Boys’ anime has confirmed its half-year run.

『永久少年 Eternal Boys』「Eternal」
“Eternal Boys” “Eternal”

Along with this announcement, the staff has also released a music video for the anime’s idol group, ‘Eternal Boys.’ It features the unit’s debut song, also titled ‘Eternal Boys,’ from episode 7.

The anime started broadcasting on October 11, 2022, after an advanced screening of the first four episodes in Tokyo in September. All episodes are 13-minute long, unlike an average anime episode of 20+ minutes.

Idol Anime 'Eternal Boys' to have a Half-Year Run
Eternal Boys | Source: Twitter

Till now, nine episodes have been released, with the seventh being extra special as it was the idol group’s debut in public. Although nervous, the boys did great and received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the crowd.

Despite being almost 40 and not in their prime anymore, the Eternal Boys want to prove that there’s no age to turn your life around. Idols don’t have to be young to be successful, and that victory can be achieved even if you’re old.

The idea behind this anime does sound ridiculous but inspiring nonetheless. Art has no age and you can pursue your dreams anytime during your life, and this anime proves this point.

If you still haven’t watched this show, you definitely should for a good dose of comedy, motivation, and good music.

About Eternal Boys

Eternal Boys is an idol manga and anime series by Manpuku Geino Production. Its anime is produced by studio Liden Films and is scheduled to debut in 2022.

The anime focuses on six middle-aged men from different walks of life who have seen all sides of society. They decide to make an idol group together.

What awaits them is a tough road filled with training, criticism, and endless performances.

Source: Official Twitter

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