Enola Holmes 2: Official Case, Villain & Ending Explained

To be a woman is to be overlooked and unheard, but Enola Holmes 2 shares the tale of three women who step onto the stage and demand to be seen and heard – by hook or by crook. 

Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola Holmes starts her looking for missing Sarah Chapman. But what she uncovers is a trail of corruption, blackmail, deceit, and oh so many secrets.

Let’s talk about the details of Enola’s second case, the ultimate villain behind the story, and what lies ahead after that teasing end.

A Recap of the Curious Case of the Missing Redhead and Sweet William

Enola Holmes 2: Official Case, Villain & Twist Ending Explained
Where is Sarah Chapman?

Matchgirl Bessie tasks Enola Holmes with finding her sister Sarah Chapman, who seems to be on the run after being called a liar and a thief. Enola moves around London trying to find the missing redhead but instead stumbles upon a corpse and finds herself a prime suspect in a murder case.

Enola connects Sweet William, or William Lyon, to Miss Chapman and seeks an audience with him but is arrested before she can uncover the truth. But as the story moves along, the viewers learn Enola’s case ties to her brother’s, and this isn’t just a case of a missing matchgirl anymore.

After Enola’s mother and ally set her free from jail, the story gets even more complicated. Sarah was under Enola’s nose all along, and William was not a suspect but Sarah’s partner in a scheme to uncover the underhanded work by Lords Lyon and McIntyre.

I. Devious Plans Come Unraveled, and Moriarty revealed

The “gentlemen” have been sending matchgirls to their deaths under Typhus’ name and profiting off the match factory, cutting costs by using cheap phosphorus and rolling in the profits in their pockets.

And what’s more, Moriarty, who we know to be Sherlock Holmes’ arch enemy, is also involved, using McIntyre’s plan to earn money for themselves but hiding in even deeper shadows than the lords.

Enola, Sherlock, and Tewkesbury find William dead, all signs pointing to McIntyre, but Sherlock knows Moriarty has staged the goat to be sacrificed without his accomplishments ever coming to light. William’s clue leads them to the evidence proving these devious plans to the public, where Cecily/Sarah reveals herself.

But then Grail shows up with his goons, and all seems to go sideways – but after three fights, and two cracked eggs later, Grail lay defeated.

Lestrade and some officers show up under McIntyre’s order, who Sherlock tipped off about the events at the Paragon. Enola wonders why Sherlock called one of the criminals there when the famous detective explains how it was to lure Moriarty out.

Enola Holmes 2: Official Case, Villain & Twist Ending Explained
Moriarty, The Mastermind Behind it All

Moriarty, Mira Troy’s anagram and coined name, unveils her secret involvement and how she enjoyed stealing from rich men who didn’t reserve any rights for a woman to stand for equality. Moriarty is arrested, but she promises to play another game with Enola and Sherlock again.

II. Enola not Alone anymore, Moriarty escapes, and Watson Introduced

Enola, Sarah, and Bessie announce the news about the wrongdoings of Lyon and McIntyre at the match factory, and the Match Girls move out on strike. A few weeks later, Tewkesbury puts McIntyre behind vars, and Enola reopens her agency at Edith’s.

Sherlock and Enola make up, and Enola advises her brother that he need not be alone, for she is definitely not, thanks to Lord for Tewkesbury and her new allies. Sherlock and she set a date to meet, one Dr. Watson (Himesh Patel), who we know becomes Sherlock’s companion in his later adventures.

And what’s more, the ending, along with the mid-credits scene, lays out a perfect plan for a sequel to Enola Holmes 2 with Watson introduced and Moriarty escaping.

III. Other Fun Facts about Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes and its sequel have marked out the evident disregard women face after being deemed not of equal standing to men. The sequel makes a stunning contrast between Enola and Moriarty, both women trying to live in a man’s world, trying to get out of one man’s shadow and make their name.

Of course, they go about it their own ways, but the feminist themes laid bare in this thrilling mystery film have won the hearts of its viewers. 

Enola Holmes 2: Official Case, Villain & Twist Ending Explained
Matchgirls Strike

And you know what? The Matchgirls’ Strike was a real moment of revolutionary change in British History in 1888 when Sarah Chapman led the matchgirls out on a worker’s strike that sparked the fire for fair worker’s rights and so much more.

The sequel was also the first Sherlock Holmes iteration that chose to cast a woman in the role of Moriarty, who will go on to become Sherlock’s most formidable rival. 

Hopefully, audiences will get an Enola Holmes 3 to witness the adventures of Enola and Sherlock Holmes, joined by the new Watson, against the reimagined Moriarty.

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About Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes 2 is an upcoming mystery film based on the young adult fiction series of the same name by Nancy Springer. Serving as a sequel to the 2020 film Enola Holmes, it is written by Jack Thorne and directed by Harry Bradbeer.

The film stars Millie Bobby Brown, reprising her role as Enola Holmes and Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, with Louis Partridge, Adeel Akhtar, Susie Wokoma, and Helena Bonham Carter also reprising their supporting roles. Sharon Duncan-Brewster, David Thewlis, and Hannah Dodd are added as new cast members.

Source: Netflix

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