Do Emily and Gabriel get together at the end of Season 3?

Emily in Paris Season 3 is the perfect Christmas treat we needed. And yep, we have definitely binged the entire series already.

Season 3 picks up with Emily at quite a crossroads, torn between working for her Chicago boss Madeline or joining Sylvie’s new agency while simultaneously debating whether she wants to pursue love with Gabriel or Alfie.

The Emily in Paris style was kept intact, and Season 3 ended on a pretty big cliffhanger, with fans already speculating about the Season 4 storyline.

In the season finale, Mindy calls out her boyfriend for lying to her about Emily. The bombshell reveal comes in the finale when Gabriel and Emily almost confess their feelings for each other. Gabriel admits that Camille didn’t come back to revive their relationship but that she is pregnant.

The ending left all the fans shell-shocked. A lot of things happened in the finale. Let’s dive into the details and answer all the questions and theories that fans might have on their mind.

1. Camille and Gabriel’s Surprise Wedding

We saw Camille and Gabriel reunite at the end of Season 2, despite the art handler making a pact with Emily about neither of them dating the chef. The couple spends most of Season 3 in a relationship. Well, technically! Since the two of them are rarely together.

In the fifth episode, Emily catches Camille and an artist named Sofia (Melia Kreiling) kissing on the roof during Alfie’s housewarming party. Emily only shares this secret with Mindy, who dares her not to speak about it with anyone else.

We see Camille and Sofia grow closer throughout the season and continue their affair. We also see them taking a trip to Greece together, while Gabriel worries when Camille stops responding to his texts. While Camille is away, Gabriel gets drunk and invites Emily to hang out with him.

Much to Emily’s surprise, he opens up about his relationship problems with the gallerist and confesses that the problems stem from him being in love with Emily, leaving her stunned.

Camille eventually ends her trip to have a conversation with Gabriel. At the time, he tells Emily that the talk with Camille helped them get on the same page.

Suddenly, Gabriel is ready to propose. During a romantic date at the Musee d’Orsay, Gabriel starts to pop the question. But much to the fans’ excitement, Camille beats him to it and asks if he wants to get married.

We see the couple hold an engagement party at Camille’s family’s estate. Chateau Lalisse. Surrounded by their friends and family, the pair decide to get married then and there at her family’s chapel.

Do Emily and Gabriel get together at the End of Season 3?
Emily in Paris Season 3

2. Emily and Alfie’s Breakup and Gabriel’s Revelations

Emily starts having doubts about her future with Alfie after learning that he did not tell his mother about her. Well, we all were a bit disappointed to learn that.

Alfie later clarifies that his experiences with his past girlfriends made him fear introducing Emily to his family. We further see Alfie and Emily ultimately making their feelings for each other public by participating in a romantic campaign for one of Emily’s clients.

Alfie and Emily then travel together to the French countryside for Camille and Gabriel’s engagement party.

We all observe how the camera focuses on the longing glances Emily shares with Gabriel. Despite that, she appears to be committed to Alfie and sits beside him in the chapel as they wait for Camille and Gabriel to say, “I do.”

Camille is seen struggling to get through her vows at the altar. Ultimately, she says she can’t marry Gabriel because he has been in love with Emily from the moment they met. She further admits to Gabriel that she made a pact with Emily to keep them apart and ensure she would not lose him.

Much like Alfie and the rest of the guests, we were all stunned by the information. Camille then proceeds to storm out of the chapel, and Alfie soon follows, breaking up with Emily due to her undeniable affection for Gabriel.

Alfie tells her that he is no one’s second choice and that Emily should “go get her man.” Emily briefly attempts to stop him, but he leaves anyway.

Emily and Gabriel finally have “the conversation” outside, where he asks about her feelings for him, to which Emily replies, “They’ve always been there.” He agrees that it has also been hard for him to resist her.

When we finally start getting excited for the two of them, a bombshell from Gabriel leaves us all shocked. He reveals that the main reason Camille cut the trip short is that she is pregnant.

“Oh my God,” Emily replies as they both stare off into the distance, and the screen fades to dark.

Do Emily and Gabriel get together at the End of Season 3?
Gabriel’s shocking revelation in the season finale

3. Julein and Agence Grateu

Season 3 has Emily finally stable at Sylvie’s Agence Grateu, but while Sylvie doesn’t need Emily to prove herself anymore, her work habits end up causing problems with Julien (Samuel Arnold).

The finale sees Julien messaging someone unknown, possibly Nicolas (Paul Forman), as his company JVMA directly suffers from Agence Grateau’s plan to help Pierre Cadault, despite his brand being owned by JVMA.

There is a great possibility of this theory being true since Season 3 shows how Julien doesn’t feel valued in Sylvia’s marketing firm. So, Julien’s betrayal might not have been as surprising.

Considering how Sylvie ignores his remarks about Emily stealing other colleagues’ clients, it would make sense for Julien to accept other companies’ offers. That would especially be the case as he follows Sylvie’s new entrepreneurial ventures without batting an eyelid, and Sylvie doesn’t offer him the same loyalty about Emily meddling at work.

If Julien’s betrayal in Season 3 was actually to manifest as him joining JVMA in Season 4, it would surely offer drama, especially with Nicolas’ father’s company being Sylvie’s sworn enemy.

Do Emily and Gabriel get together at the End of Season 3?
Julien’s done with Emily’s Interference

4. Benoit’s Eurovision Offer and What it Means for Mindy & Nicolas

We see Mindy and Nicolas seemingly patch things up by the end of Season 3. But Benoit’s (Kevin Dias) surprise appearance at her door, with news of their song being accepted to the Eurovision Song Contest, has them sharing a moment.

Nicolas’s attitude toward the family company may prove to be the final straw for their relationship. It is similar to Mindy’s dad, with whom she disagreed precisely because of the expectations he placed on her.

Do Emily and Gabriel get together at the End of Season 3?
Mindy’s Torn Between Two Men

4. Camille and Sofia’s Affair

Camille’s fling with Sofia (Melia Kreiling) helps her forget about the plan made by Camille’s mother, but also takes her by surprise, mainly because of how unexpectedly she feels happy with her.

Her happiness, rather than attributable to her problems with Gabriel, has more to do with the guilt she feels about the pact with Emily she entered to betray it. Despite reiterating her love for Gabriel, Camille feels trapped throughout Season 3. This happens especially whenever her mother is around, congratulating her on her success in keeping Gabriel and not losing him to Emily.

Fans were quick to observe how genuine Camille’s feelings seem for Sofia, especially as she can freely explore the relationship, unencumbered by her guilt, as she didn’t manipulate Sofia.

Season 4 can now take a turn in any direction it finds suitable. Despite going forward with the pregnancy, Camille might not decide to pursue her relationship with Gabriel.

However, Camille has always declared her love for Gabriel, so she can pursue both and have feelings for both.

5. Season 4 Speculation

Along with the shocking pregnancy announcement, the season finale also sets up many challenges needing to be faced in Season 4. One such challenge would be Emily’s choice of whether to be with Gabriel or Alfie.

Although Emily admits to her feelings for Gabriel, she still has not jumped at the chance to be with him. Gabriel could also still want to be with Emily, knowing that his feelings are reciprocated. 

Emily in Paris never fails to deliver a cliffhanger, and the Season 3 finale gave fans the biggest bombshell yet. We have to wait until Season 4 (which Netflix already confirmed to be happening) to see if Emily and Gabriel will figure things out. Until then, sit tight and stay in style!

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6. About Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is an American-French romantic comedy television series created by Darren Star for Netflix. Set and filmed in Paris, the series stars Lily Collins as aspiring marketing executive Emily Cooper, an American who moves to France to provide an American point of view to Savoir, a French marketing firm.

The show follows Emily as she struggles to succeed in the workplace while searching for love and experiencing a culture clash with her conventional Midwestern U.S. upbringing.

It also stars Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery, Camille Razat, William Abadie, and Lucien Laviscount.

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