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Elisa And Marcela – A Netflix skip-able ?

In the Pride Month, expect social streaming services to cater to the audience with content relevant to the theme. While Netflix boasts of the much loved Queer Eye, the film Elisa and Marcela celebrates homosexuality in a completely refreshed manner. The story of Elisa And Marcela is set in 1901 where two women discover that they are different and deal with the social stigma to become probably the first role models for modern-day closeted lesbians.

Inspired by Roma, in Elisa And Marcela the black and white visuals and the music patronises the viewers to keep their glance soft and tender – ironically the two things that the queer folk today are fighting against. Apart from this misfired social assumption, the film also disappoints on various technical grounds. Elisa And Marcela are unnecessarily slow which seems to be an attempt to establish itself as a ‘period film’, (because apparently life was slower back then? IDK!) and that doesn’t even address the moments where the cast is seemingly unaware about what to be doing with the nuances of their characters. The two leading ladies are no show stoppers. Tragic. You know those people that start saying a sentence at volume 10 and by the end of the sentence the volume is 2 and you have no idea what the hell they just said? That’s this movie, unfortunately.

Another thing that doesn’t work for Elisa And Marcela is its timing. With some fearless and evocative content available for Queers all over the internet, and a time when the community is shouting about its rights and celebrating its existence from the rooftop, Elisa and Marcela appear outdated.

The narrative is as flat as a flat earthers brain and with its not so convincing cast and confused cinematography, it easily identifies itself with Netflix’s skip-able category.

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